Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 April 2013

A Los Angeles Tour Would Be Over Fast in a Bugatti

Photo of Bugatti on Rodeo Drive

A Custom Tour to a Custom Car in Beverly Hills

Twelve cylinders and over 1200 horsepower would make a private Los Angeles tour over very quickly in a Bugatti roadster.  But you can’t drive 200 mph in most places* near Beverly Hills where this black and yellow beauty can be seen parked in front of Bijan on Rodeo Drive most days.  Adding the design touches that distinguish the car the late designer made all the automobiles he drove to work and parked in front of his business easily recognizable on this street famous for its luxury storefronts.  Even today his son who now runs the Bijan enterprise follows the same routine.  Make an appointment to visit the store.  Look for the car and you’ll be there.

*The Beverly Hills Speedway was located at the end of Rodeo Drive once upon a time (1919-23).  Average speeds: 103 mph.

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