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He Who Loved Stars is Among Them Now

Photo of Roger Ebert's Walk of Fame star and wreath

Los Angeles Tour Guests Learn Our Traditions

Almost all of the dozen or so Hollywood Walk of Fame stars honored each year are still working or retired.  Only one or two posthumous awards are made in a year.  When one of the living stars dies a tradition of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the organization behind the Walk of Fame, places a wreath at the head of the star.  For the next several days people will pass by and places mementos and candles, notes and art pieces around the wreath in memory of the person just passed.  When we have guests on a private Hollywood tour with us we take them by these memorials to show them how Hollywood honors its entertainment citizens.  It is not as much fun as the placing of the star but it is still important.

Today we honor Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times movie critic, who with his friend Gene Siskel made film reviews a “must watch” television ePhoto of a thumbs upvent as they gave movies their thumbs up (or down) in summation of their analysis.  Probably the best known film critic today his long career includes so many newspaper film reviews, books and appearances that it is no wonder that to most people his name is synonymous with film appreciation and criticism.  We will certainly miss knowing what he thinks about a film we are deciding to see.  Roger, here’s our thumbs up to you.

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