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Mulholland Dam Creates Lake Hollywood

Photo across Lake Hollywood to the dam

Dam View on a Private Los Angeles Tour

Almost all of our custom tour guests in Hollywood spend time in areas where they see this view of Lake Hollywood and the Mulholland Dam.  The dam, built in 1924, filled this reservoir with water which in those early days served all of Los Angeles.  There is a 4-mile loop around the lake for hikers and joggers and other outdoor enthusiasts.  At dawn and dusk you can enjoy the local wildlife (deer, coyotes, raccoons, skunks, bobcats) and the local wild life (actors, writers, directors).  If you are the kind of filmlover who peppers your conversations with quotes from Chinatown or Earthquake then you will immediately recognize filming locations along the hiking route.  Turning 180° from this view you are staring right at the Hollywood Sign which represents a different healthy hike up to the top of Mt. Lee just behind the sign with a magnificent view of both the Los Angeles basin and the San Fernando valley.  If a private hiking tour interests you be sure to contact us.  We know great trails throughout the Santa Monica and San Gabriel Mountains.

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