Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 May 2013

A 60s Polynesian Bar Worth Visiting

Photo of Elite Adventure Tours van in front of Tiki Ti bar in Los Angeles

Elite Adventure Tours Stops at Historic Bar

Imagine a bar where they do not serve beer or wine.  The Tiki Ti ONLY serves tropical cocktails as they have been doing for more than 50 years.  There are 92 different drinks on their menu so who needs beer or wine.  Look over the menus from its earliest days and trace the evolution of island cocktails over all these years.  Begun in 1961 by Ray Buhen, a master mixologist with roots at Don the Beachcomber, where all the other tiki bars faded into history the Tiki Ti flourished.  Intimate (small) and quaint (locals, rum lovers, history buffs), the Tiki Ti always gets looks as we pass by on our private Los Angeles tour through Hollywood on the way to Beverly Hills, it is so tiny next to the hulking KCET television studios.  Like the Frolic Room and the One-Eyed Gypsy, there are bars in this city with stories to tell and we not only like to help tell them but are happy to bring our guests in possibly to make a new story.

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