Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 May 2013

Flying, Food and Fun at the Spitfire Grill

Photo of entrance to Spitfire Grill at Santa Monica AirportPrivate Los Angeles Tour Lands at Spitfire Grill

Santa Monica Airport was once Clover Field and a very large aircraft manufacturing facility (Douglas Aircraft: DC-3s, B-17s, B-47s).  Today private luxury jets fly in and out of this beautiful airport by the sea.  If you are there visiting the Museum of Flying and get hungry then we suggest the Spitfire Grill nearby.  Terrific food and a wonderful aviation-themed restaurant to feed and entertain you.

Photo of mural at the Spitfire GrillSitting in the patio enjoying a fine lunch with our private Los Angeles tour guests recently, we talked about the film Spitfire Grill, written by the owner of the restaurant, Lee David Zlotoff.  The murals, painting and other artifacts inside and outside the cafe really speak to airplane lovers and make this a great place to go to talk about flying, food and film.

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