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Beyond the Olive in Pasadena

The street sign for Beyond the Olive in PasadenaOlive Oil for Your Private Pasadena Tour

California is synonymous with wine, sure, but olive oil?  Olives have been grown in the state longer and once in greater quantities than wine.  Originally imported by Spanish missionaries and planted as the California missions were established along the Camino Real, olive groves and olive oil milling were important activities for nearly two centuries.  After an unfortunate period of neglect, the olive industry is once again becoming a mainstay of the 300+ crops produced in the state.

Photo of the interior of Beyond the Olive in PasadenaBeyond the Olive in Old Town Pasadena is not only a fine place to purchase fresh, locally produced artisanal olive oil, but you can visit and speak with the owners and staff to learn more about this tasty and healthy cooking product.  We are sure Chip and Crystal Reibel will have all the details about this rapidly growing agricultural segment and how the California Olive Oil Council is leading the way to establish California olive oils as some of the best in the world just as our wine is so highly respected.  Much as the University of California at Davis has provided continual research and guidance to the wine industry, since 2008 they are doing the same thing for olive ranchers.

Photo of olive oil at Beyond the Olive in Old Town PasadenaWe will bring our private Los Angeles tour guests to visit Beyond the Olive when exploring Old Town Pasadena and we love to point out that, unlike wine, customers can bring their empty olive oil bottles back to the store for refills at a substantial discount.  If we can be there for an instructional event so much the better.  If not, there is always tasting and samples and the opportunity to learn more about olive oil.

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