Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 30 May 2013

The Great Wall of Los Angeles — A Tour Treat

Photo of the Great Wall of Los Angeles mural

Take a Private Tour through Los Angeles History

One of the longest murals in the world (2,754 ft.) is painted along the side of a cement waterway in Valley Glen along Coldwater Canyon Road.  Designed by Judith Baca and executed by school children and neighbors the mural depicts the history of Los Angeles from prehistory through recent history.  This is only one of the many notable murals that can be seen around Los Angeles.  We have written about a number of these murals on this blogsite including a popular entry featuring the Venice mural of Teena Marie.  Thankfully the city recognizes the public art value of these murals and has been working very hard to maintain and restore the murals throughout the city.  Many of our private Los Angeles tour guests are particularly interested in the widely varied public art on display all along our usual tour routes.  Sometimes, if they wish, we will make a tour specifically of art and architecture in Los Angeles.  Search “art” and “architecture” on this site to see some of the places we have taken our guests.

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