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Dog Kisses at LAX before Your Los Angeles Tour

Pet a Pup at LAX to Relax

Photograph of the Pets Unstressing Passengers crew at LAX If you arrive at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and are greeted by red vested dogs in the terminal feel free to kneel down for a welcome lick and pet the pooch as much as you want.  This is not a security measure.  Pets Unstressing Passengers (PUP) is the name of the program instituted at LAX that has teams of dogs and trainers roaming the terminals and providing harried passengers a chance to unwind and take a deep breath when they pet these wonderful animals.  The program began at LAX in April and the airport authority is so pleased with the results that plans to expand the program are underway.  Right now they have 30 perfect puppies sniffing and panting and doing that thing dogs do to make everyone smile.

Photo of puppies in training at LAXWe usually meet our private Los Angeles tour guests outside the terminal to show them around Los Angeles before dropping them off at their hotel or back at the airport if they are only touring while on a flight layover.  Perhaps we will start meeting our guests in the terminal so we, who are all so dedicated to dogs, can meet the PUPs.  By the way, we happily invite our guests to bring their dogs along on our private custom canine tour.  We know the best celebrity dog parks in Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills and will stock our vehicle with dog treats as well as people treats.

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