LA Adventure Specialist - 6:43 7 May 2010

Good Bagels in LA ?

Do not let anyone tell you that Los Angeles does not have a good Bagel!  Private tour guides can not only tell you where the stars live, but where they eat too!  The Bagel Broker, the best in the bagel business in the heart of the Fairfax district. They  have been serving 19 varieties of fresh bagels, delicious pastries, homemade salads and brewed-to-perfection coffee for over 20 years. This is the place to stop while on private tours of Los Angeles!

Open Monday – Friday from 6am to 5pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 6:30 am to 4pm.

7825 beverly blvd. los angeles, ca 90036

“Hands down, the best bagels in LA. They are chewy on the outside, soft on the inside, fresh as can be. Go for breakfast or for lunch. They deliver bagels to a lot of the area businesses” – WeHo News

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