Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 June 2013

Fly Me to the Wine

Photo of Napa Valley wineryNapa Wineries Private Tour from Los Angeles

We regularly take our private Los Angeles tour guests up to Malibu, or Santa Barbara or even Temecula for wine tasting adventures. As these are local wine areas we do them often and can arrange helicopter flights easily.  But everyone knows that Napa Valley is the champion wine growing region of California and, when requested, we have planned extravagant private tours by small jet up to that famed region.  Photo of small jet on tarmacSince even a quick tour to Napa from Los Angeles will be overnight we make all the hotel and dining arrangements for our guests by working with our Napa Valley partners to provide luxurious accommodations and gourmet meals.  Of course we handle all the ground and air transportation.  With the video and photographs we compile of our guests and their experience this kind of deluxe tour makes their visit to Los Angeles more than special.  We still expect to show them Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the beaches because that’s what most guests expect to see.  We just don’t want anyone to think we stop there.  Oh, no, we are prepared to do any kind of planning and preparation for our guests who want something more.

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