Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 23 June 2013

The Hollywood Cross Between the Bowls

Vintage photograph of Hollywood Cross

Pilgrimage Play Theater Tribute on our Private Tour

So many old Los Angeles landmarks remain only in vintage photographs like this.  However, this structure, locally known as the Hollywood Cross, remains today in all its glory after 90 years.  The cross stands atop a knoll overlooking both the Pilgrimage Play Theater (now the John Anson Ford Theater) pictured above and the Hollywood Bowl.  At 32-feet tall and fully illuminated at night it is a wonderful landmark for us to point out on our private Los Angeles tour.  This homage to Pittsburgh Paint Co. heiress Christine Wetherill Stevenson honors her contributions early in the last century to the construction of the Hollywood Bowl and the Pilgrimage Play Theater where her Pilgrimage play was performed most summers from 1920 to 1964.  Today the cross is owned and maintained by Hollywood Heritage.

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