Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 24 June 2013

No Frowns for June Gloom in Santa Monica

Photo of entrance to Santa Monica Pier

A Fun Private Los Angeles Tour to the Santa Monica Pier

While many of our guests stay at seaside hotels in Santa Monica, others are happier spending their nights in Hollywood and Beverly Hills, maybe even downtown Los Angeles.  Wherever our custom tour guests are staying the Santa Monica Pier is a visitor destination not to be overlooked.  Even if we arrive early (or late) in the day and are met by the marine layer (coastal fog bank) there is no June Gloom on our tours.  The weather is still warm and the fun lies ahead.  A historic carousel awaits at the head of the pier and there are thrill rides and carnival attractions between the carousel calliope and the surf sounds at the end of the pier.  Oh, and food.  Circus and fast food, yes, but also a couple of restaurants.  Fine dining, well, not really, but fine fun dining.  The first concrete pier on the west coast has been attracting crowds since 1909.  In 1925 it attracted Olaf Olsen, a retired sailor, who opened a recreational fishing business that kept commercial fishing away and who donated part of his profits to local needy families.  A Santa Monica hero he was the model for Elzie Seger’s comic strip character we all know as Popeye!  While not a good place for your skateboard, the Santa  Monica Pier is probably the best fishing spot on the bay.  Bring your reel and creel and let out a line.

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