Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 26 June 2013

Murder They Wrote — The Black Dahlia

Photo of the Hollywood apartment building where Elizabeth Short livedPrivate Los Angeles Tour — Looking for Murder

Because we specialize in custom luxury tours of Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and anywhere else we can get to, we expect to have guests occasionally who board our vehicle with a list of celebrated crimes and a wishing to visit locations associated with those crimes.  This day saw us retracing the history of the Black Dahlia murder, the oldest unsolved murder in the city’s history.  Our first stop was the Chancellor apartment building where Elizabeth Short, the victim, last lived.  We parked our black van in front of the building and walked with our guests around the neighborhood pointing out other buildings that were there at the time and describing the neighborhood.

Photo of the former home of  George HodelNext stop, a building notable as much for its Frank Lloyd Wright Mayan temple design as its possible disreputable history.  Known as the Sowden house, this was at the time of the Black Dahlia murder the residence of Dr. George Hodel, just one of the many suspects.


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