Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 14 July 2013

Hiking to Jail at the Hollywood Sign

Photo of miscreant standing near Hollywood Sign

What We Cannot Do on a Private Hollywood Tour

As inviting as it might seem and as many Los Angeles hiking tours as we are requested to lead throughout the year that want to, regulations forbid us (OR ANYONE!) from climbing up Mt. Lee to the Hollywood Sign as these miscreants are doing.  We do, however, follow a trail and road that circles up behind the sign to enjoy a hearty hike with our guests and be able to take sweeping photographs of Los Angeles with the sign in the foreground.  We pointed our camera at this crew and so have evidence that illegal activity still occurs.  The sign is protected by law, the city and the county, and has plenty of security so we are certain law enforcement met these folks at some point soon after we left.  Instead of waiting to see what happened we decided to head off to the Walk of Fame and then to Beverly Hills before the helicopters and patrol cars arrived.

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