LA Adventure Specialist - 10:24 1 June 2010

Los Angeles Attractions: Sunset Trip

The Sunset Strip has been the crux of numerous songs and films, but few people are aware of the actual history of this iconic stretch of Sunset Boulevard. Walking down The Strip it’s impossible to not become inundated by the surfeit of advertisements that are now emblematic of the area. During the 1970s, the Strip became a haven for rock stars and groupies, and its reputation as a reprieve for Hollywood celebrities remains intact.

Not only is there a litany of restaurants, stores and clubs littering the strip, but it also features high-end condominium complexes. Many A-list celebrities also reside in the Hollywood Hills, which are located just above the Sunset Strip. If you want the full Sunset Strip experience, your best bet is to employ some tour vans Los Angeles on your next visit.

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