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A Private Tour to a Los Angeles Island

Photo of view to the sea over Avalon Bay, Catalina Island

A Fine Catalina Island Tour

Sunny southern California also includes the largest of the California Channel Islands, Santa Catalina, 25 miles off the coast of Los Angeles.  A famous and fabulous resort at one time (known for gambling and alcohol sales) the island drew the Hollywood elite and visiting dignitaries for short rollicking holidays.  The main population center, Avalon, turns 100 years old this summer which conforms to the overall history of modern Los Angeles.  Unlike the other seven islands of the group, Catalina is privately owned and the Catalina Island Conservancy works hard to protect the island from development and abuse.  Still regarded as something of an island playground, the short trip over by boat (shorter still by plane or on one of our helicopters) lures both Californians and visitors for mini-vacations and daytrips.  Only 12% of the island is populated the rest pristine where wildlife and buffalo roam.  Hiking the island is an exceptional opportunity to experience the California Mediterranean climate in a natural environment.  But there is also the town with its restaurants and hotels, museum and movie theater, and the bay offering boating, snorkeling and water activities.  Relatively new is the exciting sport of ziplining which allows you to fly through the forest along ropes secured between trees.  There are five lines from top to bottom.  It’s a rush!

Photo of Avalon Bay

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