Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 20 August 2013

Amoeba Music Catches Our Tour’s Attention

Photo of the Amoeba Records building in Hollywood

Private Hollywood Tour Buys Music at Amoeba

You cannot miss the Amoeba Music building in Hollywood.  At the corner of Cahuena and Sunset Boulevards, next to the Cinerama Dome and across the street from CNN, this is a media locus for every way you might prefer your entertainment.  But if you love music then Amoeba is a MUST stop as we so often do on our private luxury tour through Los Angeles.  And what recommends Amoeba Music in an era of digital downloads and playlist streaming radio and music videos?  Several important things.  All kinds of music in one place, music you can touch, hold and peruse.  From classical to Broadway, big band to garage punk, local to imported, the music is here — guaranteed.  CDs, DVDs and vinyl, need we say more?  Live music every day.  And, most important, real devoted music salespeople.  You have a question, they have the answer.  You can’t get that online.  Amoeba Music was the Berkeley, California response to corporate music chains in the 90s and, while those companies have all disappeared, Amoeba has not only survived but opened its Hollywood and San Francisco stores.  Join your fellow music lovers in a temple to recorded music and visit Amoeba Music.

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