Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 25 August 2013

Cactus and Wine by the Hollywood Sign

Vineyard and cactus near Hollywood Sign

Wine Themed Private Tour in Hollywood

Walking with our private Los Angeles tour guests up near the Hollywood Sign we get a good view of the Hollywood Classic vineyard nearby.  That’s it in the photograph, right above the local cactus that grows as well as the vineyard in our Mediterranean climate.  The area around the sign and Lake Hollywood truly exemplifies the varied vegetation of our region – a mixture of palm trees, oaks and all sorts of succulents and grasses.  We call it chaparral, others call it xeriscaping.  Either way, it is quite beautiful throughout the year once you get used to it.  And, of course, from the vines you get wine and from the cactus you get tequila so it’s all good!

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