Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 29 August 2013

Got Gas? – Visit the Original Farmers Market in Hollywood

Getting Gas on a Private Hollywood Tour

Photo of Gilmore gas station at Farmers MarketThis restored Gilmore gas station is a step back into time, a much simpler time, when the Gilmore company owned all the property around what is today the Grove and The Original Farmers Market.  Pumping oil from the vast reservoir beneath Los Angeles and Hollywood filled their coffers and this was the look of their gas stations spread throughout the southland and along Route 66.  The gas pumps dinged as you watched the fuel flow into your vehicle’s tank, a spinner spun and the numbers rolled showing how much you owed the gentleman who actually did the pumping for you while he checked your oil and cleaned your windshield.

Locally produced gasoline was cheapThe petroleum fields are gone now, as is the football stadium and race track, but the Grove and the Original Farmers Market are just as much fun to visit and enjoy.  There is great dining in fine restaurants at the Grove and nearby or we can grab a quick meal with our private luxury tour guests at the international food stands populating the market.  Then off we go to Beverly Hills to examine celebrity homes and maybe a trip to the beach to walk in the sand and reminisce about Baywatch.

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