Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 30 August 2013

Hello Hollywoodland! Just Shoot Me.

The photographer is shot

Private Hollywood Tour Guide Shot by Guests

If it wasn’t so much fun we would not encourage it.  This visit to the stone gates marking the entrance to the old real estate development called Hollywoodland (famous today for its lasting marketing device – the Hollywood Sign) turned into a real shoot-’em-up when our guests all turned their cameras on their devoted guide who was photographing them at the same time.  The Beachwood Canyon turnout where the pillars stand also has a coffee shop and grocery store where we have been known to take refuge in fresh baked pie or just to restock our custom van‘s cooler for our guests on hot days.  At least we no longer have to stop for film for our camera or our guests’ cameras.  We know all the best places to stop for photographs, ones we take of our guests and best shots for their own cameras.  We are also happy to discuss photography from ISO settings to best angles and lighting.  Camera buffs of all levels are welcome on our private Los Angeles tours and adventures.

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