Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 31 August 2013

Sikorsky Reflection on Los Angeles Tour

Photograph of our Sikorsky helicopter reflected in an L.A. building

Perfect Picture Makes Private Tour Self-Portrait

Flying amongst the skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles is part of all our helicopter sightseeing tours of Los Angeles.  This tour was special because we were not only aboard our Sikorsky S76 luxury corporate jetcopter but we had a route, the timing and the light in our favor to hover in front of a glass building that afforded us the opportunity to capture this grand self-portrait.  Sure, there is a cubist quality to the photograph due to the building’s structure but that adds to the appeal of the shot, don’t you think?  Our guests were delighted with this and other shots of downtown, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the shoreline up to Malibu, as well as the aircraft and its passengers that were included in their collection of photographs we provided them at the end of the day.  All our guests enjoy complementary photographs of their tours.

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