Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 5 September 2013

The Beverly Hills City Limit Was Black & White

Vintage photo of Beverly Hills city line

Private Beverly Hills Tours Back Then

Our private luxury tours into Beverly Hills enjoy much more dramatic entrances today than in yesteryear.  And the property around the city limits is much better cared for these days, too.  The City of Beverly Hills no longer has horse trails and saddle paths, hitching posts and animal feed stores.  A different kind of animal inhabits the city of just under 6 square miles and a wholly different form of conveyance roams the Beverly Hills streets, our sleek black custom van notwithstanding.  We can show our guests where the horses were hitched and drive up along the smallest roads to show off the amazing homes and gardens of Hollywood celebrities, some still living there and others famous when the Life Magazine photograph above was taken.  Anyone visiting Los Angeles will want to see this “Garden Spot of the World” because it really is a beautiful garden now.

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