Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 11 July 2016

Golden Time on a Los Angeles Beach

A golden sunset at the beach in Los Angeles

Our Private Tour Pauses Beneath the Palms

Not only is the world golden at sunset but the beach means the temperature is mild and the air is salty-sweet.  The crowds on the sand have thinned while a few dedicated surfers vie to get the last best waves of the day next to the Santa Monica Pier.  Our private Los Angeles tour family is happy to take off their shoes and walk in the sand.  After hours of sightseeing and exploring the buildings and places, cars and people of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, the studios, the celebrity hangouts and homes, it is really nice to stare out over the empty sea toward Hawai’i.  Yes, the Channel Islands are partially hidden in the marine layer standing offshore and moving toward us already.  There are boats and sea birds.  If we watch carefully there might be a porpoise fin breaking the water or even a giant whale off schedule for the regular migration.  The shoreline is peaceful and romantic as the last of the day slips away and night comes.  That only means another part of LA life emerges that is exciting and exhilarating.  Let’s go visit some nightclubs and enjoy some neon lights.

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