Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 October 2016

It’s Beverly Hills on This Private Tour

Our private tour guests strike a pose beneath the Beverly Hills sign

It’s Not Only the Homes that Say Beverly Hills on Our Private Tour

There is no missing the transition from any adjacent neighborhood into Beverly Hills.  There are large signs like this one on Sunset Boulevard.  There is a change in the street name signage.  And then there are the homes.  It is the homes that we and our Los Angeles tour guests are eager to explore any time we cross the boundary into Beverly Hills.  This is where the movie stars live and have been living since the earliest days of Hollywood, even before Beverly Hills was its own city.  This was ranch land back in those halcyon days as California was being settled and film industry pioneers were drawn to this part of That's right, our private tour is in Beverly Hills.the state with its varied and easily accessible landscapes and, most important, lots of bright sunny days all through the year.  Making movies outdoors using natural light meant many more movies could be produced.  Wide open spaces meant easy to manage chase scenes and western sets and explosions.  This was pure heaven for filmmakers.  And as the money rolled in there had to be a nice residential area fit for big homes and extravagant gardens and a very special shopping and business area.  That was Beverly Hills and its Golden Triangle.  We will tell you all about it as we show you around to the earliest homes (that still stand) and to some of the more recent celebrity mansions.  There is much history and so many juicy stories to share that we could do an entire custom tour and never leave this tiny bejeweled city.


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