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Halloween Costume Ideas from the Walk of Fame

Catwoman prowls the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Characters Pose for Photos With Our Los Angeles Private Tour Guests

It seems like it is always Halloween on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  From early in the morning until well into the evening there are creatures and movie characters and some SpongeBob SquarePants on the Hollywood Walk of Famewe cannot quite guess prowling the sidewalks for tips they earn posing with visitors to Hollywood.  Often it is our Los Angeles private tour group sidling up alongside a sexy Catwoman or a silly SpongeBob SquarePants as their tour guide snaps photographs for the tour photo album they will take home with them.  This being Hollywood you might call these Walk of Fame costumed impersonators the best because these individuals go to such extremes to create high quality costumes and to perfect their street personas such that our guests really sense the presence of Michael Jackson or Captain Jack SparrowThe Golden Man appears on the Hollywood Walk of FameThis time of year these hardworking and imaginative “actors” serve another purpose – Halloween costume ideas.  From the pedestrian and inexpensive to the bizarre and complicated, all sorts of characters and ideas roam the street.  At this time of year there are even “amateurs” on the street, the kind of “dress up and go out” folks you might see at the World Series or a big football game.  Instead of team logos we are talking about Rocky Horror Picture Show and Curse of the Mummy and lots and lots of zombies.  We probably all have “dead man walking” clothes in the back of our closet.

Marilyn Monroe on the Walk of Fame

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