LA Adventure Specialist - 11:11 8 October 2009

Pre-owned Luxury Handbags

silhoueteYesterday, I was doing what I like to call “Professional Ease Dropping” while on Rodeo drive. Generally speaking, women unlike most men like to share their experiences with the process of “consumer spending” where as men typically like to simply show off the toys they bought. I digress. Two ladies chatting at 2 Rodeo Drive were talking about Pre-owned Luxury HandBags. So there I was 5 feet away Googling it on my Blackberry. Turns out, Fashionphile is the largest pre-owned luxury handbag business in the country. It is a family-owned and operated business, located just off of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA.

Founder Davis says, “I started Fashionphile in 1999 as a way to pay off my law school loans. Over time, and with an enormous amount of help from my family, Fashionphile has earned an un-rivaled national reputation for selling only authentic luxury bags. Our mission is to make shopping for pre-owned bags easy, fun, and safe.” The fact that I find this stuff interesting, even though I do not own a hand bag and never will, explains why I often look down at my shirt to see if it reads, “sightseeing tours Los Angeles.” I suppose I just like to know, and share, then know some more. So if handbags stir the urge for you to “consume” go to: 9551 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills, California 90210 / or call: 310.279.1136

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