LA Adventure Specialist - 11:11 10 November 2009

Westwood Village

In the early ’80s, before The Grove, this small five-block square retail village used to pack in up to 100,000 people a night. For a small moment in time it was, L.A.’s answer to Times Square. It used to be the place where a great percentage of Hollywood films opened, determined by how well they were received by the UCLA students who crammed into the theaters.

Now it is a far relaxed Village, with its mix of stores and restaurants catering to students and elegant clothing stores catering to wealthier clientele from the surrounding upscale neighborhoods, visiting makes this a great cultural addition to doing many of the “star tours Hollywood.” The stunning old bank building at the heart of the Village that has been converted into the pricey, white-hot Eurochow restaurant. Bordered by the UCLA campus, Wilshire Blvd., Gayley Ave. and Hilgard Ave., Los Angeles CA

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