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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 2 October 2015

Sunset…Los Angeles…Beach…Campfire

Campfire on a Los Angeles beach

Our Private Tour Guests Enjoy a Peaceful

Sunset Moment at the Beach

Most people want to get to our grand Los Angeles beaches early in the day or at least when the sun is high and warm and the ocean is inviting.  There are, however, some of us who like to be there at the end of the day when the sun is setting, the beach crowds are thinning and the campfires are lit.  The beach seems quiet and peaceful and a fire pit beckons us to enjoy the last light of the day.  From Malibu down to Torrance there are places on the beach and at the edge where flames dance in the growing darkness and Los Angeles nightlife can begin.  On a private Los Angeles tour this means we can begin to enjoy the colorful neon of businesses along the Sunset Strip and the magnificent landscape lighting of celebrity homes in Beverly Hills and Hollywood.  Sightseeing after dark is as much fun and as interesting as during the day.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 June 2015

Los Angeles After Dark – A Cool Tour

Our after dinner private tour gets this view of Los Angeles

Our Private Los Angeles Tour Stays Up

When the Sun Goes Down

We understand that most of our guests want to see Los Angeles in the daytime.  They are more awake, the sun is up, the day is nice – everything is there for a spectacular sightseeing adventure on a custom private luxury tour of the city.  However, consider this: traffic, crowds, heat, noise, bright sunlight and more traffic.  These are unavoidable aspects of a busy modern city that is a major destination for visitors from all over the world especially in the summer.  We find that our guests who, because of their schedules or ours, decide to venture out of their hotels with us early in the evening, during or right after dinner enjoy sights of Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills that our daytime guests do not get to see.  Summer sunset in Los Angeles is around 8:00 p.m. so a tour starting at 7:00 p.m. will enjoy a full hour of daylight (the Golden Hour) and then the beautiful dusk as night falls.  We know the absolute best places to see the city as it transforms into a glittering jewel by the sea.  For an even better adventure join us for a combination helicopter and ground tour after dark.  With a departure from a downtown skyscraper this private Los Angeles tour becomes the ultimate experience.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 2 December 2013

Los Angeles Moon Illusion

Time lapse photo of moonrise over Los Angeles

Howl At the Moon on a Night Tour

Thanks to our photography friend who thought this moonrise time lapse photo would be nice for the blog.  With generally clear skies throughout the year that means that we enjoy excellent views of the full moon coming up over the city at least once a month.  The light makes enjoying the nighttime activities of a major city even more fun.  We do many After Dark tours during the year enthralling our guests with different looks at popular locations as well as taking them by restaurants and clubs frequented by the stars and celebutantes of Hollywood.  Now that downtown Los Angeles has evolved into a place to go there are many great things to do from L.A. Live to the Arts District.  The city is focusing right now on reviving L.A.’s Broadway and we are eagerly waiting new development along the storied boulevard.

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