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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 7 February 2014

Canadian Firefighting Planes Arrive in Los Angeles

One of two Bombadier 415 Superscoopers in Los Angeles

Bombadier 415s Are Not Here for a Los Angeles Tour.

Our helicopter tours and jet charters often land and depart from Van Nuys airport where we photographed this bright yellow Canadian “Superscooper” aircraft on loan to fight fires in what is likely to be an early and difficult fire season for southern California due to the ongoing drought.  For those of you interested in aeronautics these are Bombadier 415 Amphibious Aircraft capable of “scooping” 1,600 gallons of water in a 12 second pass over a water surface (lake or ocean).  Mixed with a small amount of fire suppressant the aircraft can attack the front line of a fire quickly and repeatedly without having to return to a base in missions lasting 3+ hours.  Typically the aircraft can deliver 10,000-30,000 gallons of water/suppressant to a fire zone every hour.  Impressive on the ground these aircraft make a huge difference to our firefighting community.  We are happy to see them here in Los Angeles and happier when they are on the ground at the airport (and not away fighting an active fire).

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 25 July 2013

The Big Blue Blimp of Los Angeles

Photo of the Goodyear blimp docked near Los Angeles

The Things You See on a Private Tour

The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company‘s famous west coast blimp, Spirit of America, resides just off the 405 Freeway in Carson, near Los Angeles.  Seeing it moored as we drive by during a private Los Angeles tour is always a treat and creates a lasting impression — it is really big!  If we are lucky enough to see it depart the image of a giant leaping porpoise comes right to mind.  The four Goodyear blimps around the country are built and designed with the Zeppelin Company of Germany and are almost 200 ft. long, 60 ft. tall and 50 ft. wide.  That’s one big helium balloon.  These flying billboards and camera platforms also carry passengers and do great work for the sports networks covering local events at the Los Angeles Coliseum, the Rose Bowl Stadium, Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium, as well as working for Hollywood when aerial filming is necessary or if the screenplay calls for a blimp.  Spirit of America also flies up and down the state when work calls.  She really gets around albeit slowly.

Photo of the Goodyear blimp over Los Angeles

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:09 30 October 2012

Endeavour Unveiled in Los Angeles

Today at the California Science Center at Exposition and Figueroa in downtown Los Angeles the space shuttle Endeavour will be unveiled in its new permanent exhibit and open to the public.  There will, of course, be a huge ceremony and tickets will be available at the California Science Center website.

In conjunction with the unveiling of the spacecraft the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board is offering a “Museums L.A.” ticket package.  Visitors to Los Angeles who book a 2-night stay at participating hotels will receive free admission for two (plus museum store discounts) to more than 30 museums in and around Los Angeles ($450+ value).  For more information you can visit their website.

We captured some amazing photos last month on several ongoing private luxury tours when the Endeavour arrived here in Los Angeles atop its 747 and flew over and around the city in a spectacular aerial display.  One of our tour guides was near the Hollywood Sign and another down in Marina del Rey with guests sightseeing with us and enjoying an unexpected treat on their trip.  Not that Hollywood, Beverly Hills, celebrity homes and the beaches aren’t  enough to impress visitors but that day was special.  And from now on, among other things to do in Los Angeles, we can take our guests to the new home of the Endeavour at the California Science Center.

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