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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 November 2013

Help String Lights on Christmas Tree Lane

Christmas Tree Lane in Pasadena all lit up

Before the Christmas Tree Lane Tours Begin

Nearly a mile long, the blocks of Santa Rosa Avenue in Altadena between Woodbury Road and Altadena Drive are famous as Christmas Tree Lane.  The lane needs its lights strung at this time of the year, a volunteer activity.  If you want something fun to do and, in particular, if you like to climb trees, then plan a visit to the neighborhood any Saturday or Sunday before December 14th and lend your assistance.  Coffee, hot chocolate and donuts are served at 9:00 a.m. and work continues until noon when lunch is served.  More than one hundred 100+ year old deodar conifers line the street and need to have lights restrung every year.  This tradition of lighting the trees has been going on since 1920.  The weather is mild and the neighbors are fantastic.  As a historic landmark anyone helping out becomes a part of history.  Our private Los Angeles tours will be making regular trips to Christmas Tree Lane closer to the holiday as it is a truly magnificent and beautiful sight at Christmastime.

Signs pointing to Christmas Tree Lane

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:05 13 December 2012

Christmas Tree Lane — A Sight to Behold!

Photo of Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena, CA at night
Of course we know where the best daytime holiday decorations are and make a point at this time of year to guide our private luxury tour guests to see them whenever we can.  Los Angeles holds many holiday delights as you would expect in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air and even up the coast to Malibu.  We also know where the best illuminated decorations are and on occasion have the opportunity to take our guests enjoying custom evening tours to see them.  One of our favorite destinations is Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena, just above Pasadena.  Our guide, Paul, was up there on a recent tour.  As he tells our guests, since 1920 residents and neighbors have continued the tradition of lighting up the 150 deodar trees in a resplendent display of colored bulbs.  Join us and many others for a drive or a walk along Christmas Tree Lane.

Photo of plaque for Altadena's Christmas Tree Lane

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