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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 23 June 2014

Flying to Magic Mountain Is a Thrill

View of Magic Mountain as we land

Our Private Tour Guests Enjoyed a Thrilling Helicopter Ride on the Way to Magic Mountain

A day spent at Six Flags Magic Mountain, north of Los Angeles, is certainly full of thrills.  Eighteen roller coasters on 262 acres make this the world record holder for coasters in an amusement park.  And, my oh my, these coasters are marvels of engineering.  All the modern tricks, and then some, are built into these exhilarating rides.  Backwards, upside down, looping while sitting, prone, above, below and beside the track – riders are tossed and turned in every imaginable way for seconds at a time.  And don’t forget Colossus, the twin-track wooden coaster that adds shaking and rattling to all the other speeding gyrations of a roller coaster.  The warning signs posted throughout the park are enough to deter even those with strong stomachs.  But if you want to travel backwards at 100+ mph then Magic Mountain is a place for you.  And how to get there?  Our private Los Angeles tour guests often add to the thrilling rides of the amusement park by having us fly them to Valencia in a helicopter and land right in the park.  That’s like being Superman as we soar over the local mountains, through the passes, and into the Santa Clarita Valley to Valencia.  No traffic and no waiting in line at the park.  Our luxury aircraft is faster than a speeding roller coaster, too!

The entrance to the Superman ride at Magic Mountain

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:40 13 September 2012

See the Sea from a Ferris Wheel

Photo of the Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel

The Santa Monica Pier is one of the great California mini-amusement parks and carnivals still entertaining crowds.  This beautiful city landmark in the heart of Santa Monica, right on the Los Angeles coastline, offers great rides and attractions, food stands and restaurants, souvenir stores and shopping, and even fishing (bring your own gear for that activity).  Despite a long history of amusement piers in California, most burned down long ago (creosote timbers and open fires for cooking do not mix well).  There remain several today and the Santa Monica Pier stands out from the others for its modern look and ease of access.  Oh, and the views of the Santa Monica bay, the Pacific Ocean, the Channel Islands (on clear days), the palisades, nearby historic Hollywood beach homes and the famous California beach.  Our private luxury tour guests, especially those with children, really appreciate our stopping at the pier for a walk and opportunity to take a lot of photographs, maybe even ride on the historic carousel at the foot of the pier.

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