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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 7 July 2016

Burning Sensation – Kobe Bryant as Art

Local artist celebrates Kobe Bryant with burnt wood

Lakers Star Stars in Wood Art

Not only do we encounter art all around Los Angeles but sometimes we run into the people who make art.  As our readers know our guides are all fully aware of the art museums, installations and art activities throughout the Los Angeles area and in particular downtown, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and in the beach communities.  Sculptures, statues, fountains, murals and sidewalk paintings can all be highlighted during a Los Angeles private tour.  Sometimes, though, we are out doing chores on behalf of the company and it was on that occasion that we met Patrick Frisby.  Patrick is a young illustrator and artist, still studying in college, but with a remarkable talent.  You have only to visit his Facebook page (go ahead and LIKE it) to see the young man has a bright future ahead.  This particular piece caught our attention because, well, we are all Los Angeles Lakers fans and in particular are already missing Kobe Bryant who retired after this past season.  Patrick’s wood art drawing is incredibly detailed and very meaningful as this great athlete’s contribution to his team and his sport will be gone next season.  Or, we could say his talent burned with a rare heat that seared our basketball loving hearts.  Join us for a luxury tour of Los Angeles and let us take you around to the art places and the sports arenas.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 October 2015

Stay or Go – Kikki Eder, Artist

She captures the colors of Los Angeles culture in her paintingArt is Everywhere to Be Seen on a

Private Tour in Los Angeles

We have art museums and art galleries galore all through Los Angeles.  Many of our private Los Angeles tour guests are not only interested in seeing the completed works of area artists but also want to see where those painters, sculptors and photographers are getting their inspiration.  We visit, as you might expect, the famous and familiar locations of Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  We stop along the coast to see the beaches and palisades, the offshore islands.  More important, we think, we drive into tiny communities and pockets of Los Angeles and Southern California culture.  Little Armenia, Little Tokyo, Koreatown, Boyle Heights, Mar Vista, NoHo, Highland Park…there are countless streets and individual blocks on those streets replete with picaresque scenes of life unfolding that color and inform our days and nights here in the southland.  Kikki Eder, a local artist, captures the vibrancy and life of Los Angeles streets with the bright colors and bold style that makes her paintings grab your eyes when you walk into a gallery hosting her work (dA Center for the Arts, Pomona, starting October 10th).  You should not be surprised to see all that goes on off the beaten track, away from the landmarks, that makes life in Los Angeles so rewarding.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 March 2014

Who Lives on Catalina? Portrait of a Painter

Los Angeles Tour Guests Meet Catalina Specialist

Artist Porschia Denning at work on Aurora Hotel mermaid muralWhen we are out with our private Los Angeles tour guests we often interact with the people we meet along the way.  Our guides encourage contact with the locals for our guests so inclined.  A private tour does not mean we keep our guests insulated from people and activities around them as we tour.  We recently met a lovely and talented woman while visiting Catalina Island.  Her name is Porschia Denning.  She is an artist enjoying life and work on an island so close (22 miles) and yet so far away from Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  A classically trained fine artist and the talent behind many of the murals decorating the desert isle’s buildings she also assists from time to time the Santa Catalina Island Company as a tour guide, a perfect hobby for such a gracious and knowledgeable Catalina denizen.  Closeup of Aurora Hotel mermaid muralIn addition, Porschia teaches painting and entertains as a musician and singer.  We show her here working on a mural outside the Aurora Hotel on Catalina (and a closeup of the completed artwork).  If you are visiting the island, and we strongly suggest that anyone coming to Los Angeles make it a point to explore this wonderful place, be sure to look for or ask for Porschia to really experience the charm of Catalina.

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