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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 28 December 2015

Sprint Car on Sunset Strip Grabs Eyes

The cars you see on Hollywood's Sunset Strip

Our Private Tour SUV Can’t Challenge the

Tiny Race Car

The car had a license plate so the State of California said it was safe to drive on our Hollywood streets.  Like everything strange and unusual along the Sunset Strip (and that’s a lot of things….every day) the little racer grabbed the attention of drivers and pedestrians alike as it tooled along the stretch of roadway connecting Hollywood proper with Beverly Hills.  With the electronic billboards, megabanners on the sides of buildings, flags flying from the lampposts and all the distractions of a busy commercial street (the busiest and most commercial in the world, perhaps?) the little midnight blue car was a center of attention.  A young man enjoying our private Los Angeles tour asked his parents if he could have one.  They in turn asked their tour guide where the dealer’s showroom was located.  With some research we could perhaps find the custom shop responsible for the little car though it is possibly constructed from a kit.  We wonder how it would do against Justin Bieber in a street race, one-on-one, a Lamborghini and this little thing?

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 May 2015

Service Your Diva in Hollywood

Where to get your diva serviced in Hollywood

Our Private Tour Guests Smile at This

This is the perfect name for a Hollywood business.  Diva Service Center has been in this busy location for more than 20 years.  Thousands of amused visitors enjoying the Walk of Fame pass by this automobile repair business and those with “punny” imaginations smile when dreaming of great movie stars and performers slipping in for a little tune-up.  Our guides know the jokes well and if they see our private Los Angeles tour guests reacting to the business sign high up on the wall will grab a photograph or two for their tour album.  If you have a diva in your tour party be sure to bring this to your guide’s attention and we will plan on dropping in when exploring Hollywood.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 4 May 2015

The Phantom of Abbot Kinney

Our tour guest wants his own blue Rolls Royce

Our Private Tour Guests Understand

Valet Parking

One of the lessons we impart to our Los Angeles guests on a private luxury tour of the city is to make good use of valet parking whenever they find it.  Not only does it save wear and tear on the soul trying to find a legal parking spot and slip carefully into the space it makes it much more likely that your $250,000 blue Rolls Royce Phantom will be parked clear of other vehicles and returned to you unscathed.  This was not our tour vehicle that we found along the Abbott Kinney shopping and dining row.  We have luxury SUVs that hold six comfortably and allow us to navigate all the tiny winding streets of Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  But, if our guests wish to tour Los Angeles in a late model Rolls Royce (Phantom or Shadow), we can arrange for that to happen.  In fact, almost any luxury automobile can be used for our guests on their custom tour.  Think of driving up to the Hollywood Sign in a Tesla, Lamborghini or Maybach.  Now that’s styling.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 October 2014

Come to Los Angeles, See President Obama

There goes President Obama in his motorcade

Our Private Tour Had to Slow Down to Let

the Presidential Motorcade Pass By

Our office staff and our guides follow all the activities going on in Los Angeles so that on any particular day we can take our private Los Angeles tour guests to see something special.  We know when the awards are presented, the handprints left, the Walk of Fame stars laid down, when the stars are rehearsing, where the films are shooting on location.  We were not privy, however, to the movements of President Obama on his latest visit to Los Angeles to see the Hollywood stars.  However, as luck would have it, one of our tour groups got caught in the traffic jam created as POTUS and his staff and security passed our guide and his guests.  “Wave at the President,” our guide instructed as he took photographs all the time wondering if that was OK to do.  The traffic glitch was mild (that’s really saying something in Los Angeles) and they were soon on their way for more sightseeing and adventures in the City of Angels and world leaders.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 May 2013

Bimmerfest – Pasadena – May 18th

BMWs Get Love in Pasadena

Touring Los Angeles in a BMW

Saturday, May 18th (9am-3pm), at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena (just north of Los Angeles), is the return of Bimmerfest, a festival of BMW automobiles and merchandise.  At last count the celebration is expecting more than 1,700 cars and almost 4,200 BMW lovers and enthusiasts.  With a number of competition categories for maintenance and customization, you will have an opportunity to see just about every model of BMW in every possible color and, of course, the latest models.  And surprises!  If there is anything you need for your baby bimmer you will be able to find everything here in one place at the Bimmerfest.  We will likely have one or two of our Saturday private Los Angeles tours swing by as so many of our guests love their own BMWs, more so than a chance to see the cars of Hollywood and Beverly Hills celebrities.  Go figure.

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