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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 8 June 2013

A Heavenly Los Angeles Tour Stop

Photo of Monastery of the Angels in HollywoodPumpkin Bread for Our Hollywood Tour Guests

The Monastery of the Angels is a Dominican cloister that has been in Hollywood since 1924.  The nuns now occupy a 1947 Wallace Neff designed building on Carmen Drive in the Beachwood Canyon area of Hollywood.

This is just one of the many “off the beaten path” destinations we seek with our private Los Angeles tour guests.  This particular location has an important architectural pedigree, beautiful gardens in an urban setting and, most important, a gift shop that sells divine (truly!) homemade pumpkin bread and candies.  We are always mindful of keeping our guests from getting hungry (always plenty of snacks aboard our vehicles) but stopping for something extra special to eat or drink is just a part of our touring philosophy.Photo of pumpkin bread from the Monastery of the Angeles in Hollywood

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