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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 20 December 2016

Love the Beach in December

Our private tour family poses above Santa Monica Beach

Enjoy Quality Beach Time on a Luxury Private Tour in Los Angeles

Visiting Hollywood is great fun.  Movie palaces, stars’ names along the sidewalk on the Walk of Fame, stars names in cement in the forecourt of Grauman’s Chinese Theater, wax museums, historic hotels and the keen sense that Hollywood awards season is about to start.  Beverly Hills, too, is exciting.  We are talking about big celebrity homes with expansive manicured gardens, fancy boutiques, famous hotels, restaurants and bars.  However, as the days have become short and the weather throughout much of the northern hemisphere has gotten cold and wet we offer our Los Angeles private tour guests a chance to do their sightseeing where the waves are breaking and the sand is warm.  If you are planning a winter visit to Southern California be sure to bring your shorts and sandals.  Oh, and your sunglasses.  We can take you along Sunset Boulevard from Hollywood, through Beverly Hills and other ritzy movie star neighborhoods all the way to the ocean in Santa Monica.  We like to park and walk along the palisades in a long park overlooking the bay just to point out some historic homes and buildings right on the beach as well as the somewhat well known beaches visible along the coast from this vantage point.  From here we can head north to Malibu or south to Venice and Manhattan Beach (or we can go both north and south – it is your custom tour, after all) and find the perfect spot to enjoy the warm weather, fresh sea air, and the outdoors and beach culture that Los Angeles is famous for (Baywatch, anyone?).

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 November 2016

Seen L.A. Beach Scene?

The beach in Venice, CA welcomes you

Perfect Weather and Empty Beaches in Los Angeles for Our Private Tour

Thanksgiving is coming up and that will begin a busy period for the hospitality industry here in Los Angeles until after New Years.  Right now it is quiet here in town.  As you can see from a recent photograph taken on a tour of the shore the beaches are empty, even famous Venice Beach.  Yet the weather is perfect.  Perfect for long strolls along the water’s edge, perfect for sitting out in the sun with a good mystery novel, perfect for volleyball and frisbee or skating along the sinuous bike path winding through the palm trees lining the boardwalk.  There are no crowds, no waiting in lines and, for sighteeing we have a private VIP tour available for you and your family on any day and at any time you want to go.  If you have plans to visit Los Angeles during the holidays it is best to contact us early and reserve a day and time for your luxury tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills or, as we are suggesting here, a long visit to the beautiful beaches of our fair city.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 3 November 2016

Helicopter Smiles in Los Angeles

Our girl group poses with their helicopter before taking off on their tour of Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles Helicopter Tour Has Everyone Smiling

It is Ladies Day as we prepare for takeoff from a local heliport with our Los Angeles private tour group.  These besties are celebrating with a visit to Los Angeles that includes, with us, a helicopter and ground tour of the city.  The aircraft is very comfortable for everyone and there will be some exciting views of famous buildings and avenues that make Los Angeles the entertainment capitol that it is.  Not just buildings, but homes and mansions that are distinctive and important to our sightseeing guests.  Not only that, but mountains, woods, parks and Malibu beaches, too.  A small Malibu beach might be worth hiking to after we spot it on our helicopter tourMaybe even some L.A. wildlife like coyotes, whales, seals and porpoises.  Every day is a new surprise and a special adventure.  After the flight we will drive back to some of the important places that our guests picked out on their flight over the city.  Probably Hollywood or Beverly Hills but maybe a particular celebrity home or a special beach location.  We leave it up to them.  It is their adventure tour of Los Angeles.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 7 October 2016

The Beach Beckons

Looks like autumn at the beach (which looks like summer)

Warm Summer Weather Continues into the Fall for a Los Angeles Tour

We do not experience a real autumn in Los Angeles.  We are a two-season town.  Some say summer and not-summer.  Some say Dry Season and Wet Season.  Still others refer to our weather periods as Green and Brown.  However we might describe it we have perfect weather almost every day of the year with some days hotter, some cooler and an occasional few damp.  That means that the beaches are open all year long and most days are good beach days.  We encourage our private tour guests to dress casually so that when we get to the beach communities (Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu) we can explore the sandy regions and walk barefoot in the surf (OK, yes, the water is colder here than on east coast shores but we can take it and, in fact, rely on the cold water for natural air-conditioning).  We can also rent bicycles on our tour and explore the miles upon miles of bike paths along the coast.  Or skates.  We are an outdoors-enjoying population and the beach is a central location for many activities.  Get to know it as we know it when you visit and go sightseeing in Los Angeles.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 3 October 2016

Autumn, Time for a Beach Tour

It remains beach weather in Los Angeles and Malibu is calling you

Our Private Tour Guests are Ready for Some Beach Time

Bring your swimsuits and flip flops along on your private tour of Los Angeles and we will get you out to see the beaches of Los Angeles from Redondo to Manhattan to Venice to Malibu and all the great places along the way.  The weather is perfect this time of year and the beach crowds are gone back to their schools and offices.  We can even arrange for some surfing lessons for you if you wish to enjoy a real adventure tour.  We like the Malibu Surf Shack located right on Pacific Coast Highway to outfit our guests and get them across the road, into the water and onto a board.  Most of our staff still hear the Beach Boys and Honk in their heads when they talk about surfing and style.  We know that our guests today are more likely to be humming and air-strumming Weezer or the Nebulas.  That’s fine with us.  Big boards are back!  Kowabunga!

The Malibu Surf Shack for equipment and lessons

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 14 September 2016

Visit Venice in the Fall

Summer weather persists in Venice, CA

Enjoy Los Angeles on a Private Tour After School Starts

We in beach communities can always tell when summer is over and school has begun.  The weekday crowds thin out greatly and we have the beach and the coastal businesses to ourselves once again.  Parking is easy and lines are short if there are lines at all.  And finally, there is all the empty beach one can desire.  Venice is still a favorite for us and our Los Angeles private tour groups who want to enjoy some sand, surf and sun and who wish to fully understand the lure of the Southland.  There is much sightseeing around Venice for those interested in Los Angeles history and culture.  The Venice Hotel and Danny’s Deli pictured above take us back in time to the great filmmakers, raconteurs and personalities that once inhabited this part of Los Angeles.  The boardwalk entertainers are few and far between on weekdays but on weekends the boardwalk is full of life and entertainment.  If walking the boardwalk is not fun enough we can rent bikes or skates and enjoy the winding path along the beach that runs from the Palos Verdes Peninsula to Malibu.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 4 August 2016

Let’s Hit the Beach in Los Angeles

The beach in Santa Monica looks welcoming

A Private Tour Above the Beach Can Take You Back to the Beach

We consider our helicopter rides around Los Angeles to be excellent adventures.  We float above the celebrity mansions in Beverly Hills and Bel Air.  We circle around the Hollywood studios and give our private Los Angeles tour guests a birdseye view of the entertainment industry’s headquarters.  We hover in front of the Hollywood Sign for pictures.  We fly out to the beach then where we can skim along the waves and admire the wide sandy swaths where summer happens all year long.  We can tell when school is out and families on vacation are spending a day at the ocean.  We get crowds all along the shore.  If we fly early enough we can watch the early birds vying for the best spots near the water and tell our guests the secrets of the beach that we know as residents of a coastal city.  Secrets like where to park, where to eat, where the best waves are going to be, where to watch the sun set.  Further up the coast we can slow down, drop down and point out the fabulous beach homes of the movie stars.  Some are right on the water and some are on the other side of the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH to us in California) in the highlands right above the bay where swimming pools can substitute for the ocean when it is time for a dip on a hot summer day.

Beach homes and other Malibu homes seen from our tour helicopter

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 July 2016

The Beach Beckons in Los Angeles

A life guard station on the beach in Los Angeles

Where a Private Tour of Los Angeles Goes to Beat the Heat

There are sections of the Los Angeles beach lined with hotels where you would expect to find a crowd of visitors to Southern California.  However, most of the beach, even near the hotels, is filled every day by people from the city and surrounding area, particularly eastern parts of the basin, who head to the beach to get away from the summer heat.  When we arrive at the beach early on a private tour of Los Angeles, before heading out to Beverly Hills and Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles, the beach is already busy.  If we make the trip in reverse and arrive late in the morning or in the afternoon the beaches are crowded.  That doesn’t mean a visit is not fun.  We encourage our guests to bring along flip flops or sandals and other beachwear and towels so they can enjoy the sand and the surf as a part of their custom tour.  There is a lot we can describe about the beach as we walk along and examine the various beachfront neighborhoods.  We have Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu to explore on most of our beach encounters but are happy to drive south to see the beaches of Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo.  There are surfers and sailors to watch, lifeguards aplenty, and all kinds of marine birds and mammals to observe.  How does any work get done on a summer day?

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 11 July 2016

Golden Time on a Los Angeles Beach

A golden sunset at the beach in Los Angeles

Our Private Tour Pauses Beneath the Palms

Not only is the world golden at sunset but the beach means the temperature is mild and the air is salty-sweet.  The crowds on the sand have thinned while a few dedicated surfers vie to get the last best waves of the day next to the Santa Monica Pier.  Our private Los Angeles tour family is happy to take off their shoes and walk in the sand.  After hours of sightseeing and exploring the buildings and places, cars and people of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, the studios, the celebrity hangouts and homes, it is really nice to stare out over the empty sea toward Hawai’i.  Yes, the Channel Islands are partially hidden in the marine layer standing offshore and moving toward us already.  There are boats and sea birds.  If we watch carefully there might be a porpoise fin breaking the water or even a giant whale off schedule for the regular migration.  The shoreline is peaceful and romantic as the last of the day slips away and night comes.  That only means another part of LA life emerges that is exciting and exhilarating.  Let’s go visit some nightclubs and enjoy some neon lights.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 May 2016

What To Do at L.A.’s Ocean

Windsurfing and parasailing are things to do at the beach

Our Private Tour Visits the Beaches of Southern California

Summer is just about here and the weather is fine and clear all along the Southern California coastline including right here in Los Angeles.  Just ahead is the Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial beginning of summer when the beach crowds, growing already, will explode.  We have extraordinary beaches from Malibu to Playa del Rey and beyond.  In fact, there are grand beaches all the way to San Diego.  On our private Los Angeles tour we love to get our guests not only out of the car to see the beach front properties but right to the shoreline for some walking in wet Pacific Ocean sand.  From here we can admire the swimmers and surfers.  Some beaches will also have windsurfers skittering across the water out beyond the waves.  Parasailing is also a popular activity on some of our beaches along the Santa Monica Bay.  It seems that every year brings new toys to the beach so we are eager to see what inventions will come along this summer.  A very popular sightseeing stop for our custom tour guests is Venice Beach with its boardwalk, skate park, sidewalk cafés and shops and all kinds of arts and information stands.  Oh, and entertainment running the gamut from musicians to jugglers, magicians to psychics, comedians to opera singers.  Eat, drink and be merry!

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