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LA Adventure Specialist - 11:11 26 October 2009

Wine-tasting in the City of Angels

winetastingAlthough Northern California receives most of the acclaim for being a premium wine-growing region, it’s not the only destination in the Golden State where you can find a classy glass of red. The Wine Country of the north is somewhat remote when compared to the excellent wineries right in the Greater Los Angeles area. Wine connoisseurs with more on their mind than just a nice beverage could benefit from the many activities L.A. has to offer.

By now you’ve probably heard that Los Angeles is a top-notch tourist destination, and part of that owes to the sheer variety of experiences attainable on just one tour. It’s even possible to find an elite-level tour that California wine tours with a helicopter ride, and a roll through Hollywood in a luxury vehicle. With all of the different ways you could spend your time in L.A., it’s nice to have someone you can trust to take care of the logistics.

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