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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 September 2016

Young Man Wants Tour in a Ford

Special tour vehicle request - Ford F150

We Answer Car Requests for Our Private Tour

We love to make it known to our guests that they can enjoy a private luxury custom tour of Los Angeles in our fancy SUV or in any car they want that we can get ahold of in time for their tour.  Rolls Royce Silver Shadow?  No problem.  Sebring convertible, got that.  Late model muscle car, sure thing.  Mercedes, Bentley…we’ve gone sightseeing around Hollywood and Beverly Hills in many different cars over the years.  This tour, though, was different.  The young lad told his dad he wanted to see the town from the cab of a Ford F-150.  He liked big pickup trucks.  New, fully-appointed trucks were even better.  As you can see, we obliged and we had one happy boy aboard as we drove up into the Hollywood Hills to Our young guest loves the Ford F-150 he toured L.A. invisit the Hollywood Sign and Lake Hollywood and then over to walk around the Hollywood Bowl.  What is even more interesting is how much fun the tour guide had.  He returned to our offices with all sorts of accolades for the workmanlike vehicle even suggesting that we consider adding one to our fleet of SUVs.  If we have one more special request for an F-150 maybe we will.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 28 December 2015

Sprint Car on Sunset Strip Grabs Eyes

The cars you see on Hollywood's Sunset Strip

Our Private Tour SUV Can’t Challenge the

Tiny Race Car

The car had a license plate so the State of California said it was safe to drive on our Hollywood streets.  Like everything strange and unusual along the Sunset Strip (and that’s a lot of things….every day) the little racer grabbed the attention of drivers and pedestrians alike as it tooled along the stretch of roadway connecting Hollywood proper with Beverly Hills.  With the electronic billboards, megabanners on the sides of buildings, flags flying from the lampposts and all the distractions of a busy commercial street (the busiest and most commercial in the world, perhaps?) the little midnight blue car was a center of attention.  A young man enjoying our private Los Angeles tour asked his parents if he could have one.  They in turn asked their tour guide where the dealer’s showroom was located.  With some research we could perhaps find the custom shop responsible for the little car though it is possibly constructed from a kit.  We wonder how it would do against Justin Bieber in a street race, one-on-one, a Lamborghini and this little thing?

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 19 November 2015

Antique Chevy Impala on the Streets of Los Angeles

A vintage Chevy Impala cruises the streets of Los Angeles

Our Private Tour Guests Wish They

Were in the Vintage Chevy

This is a recent photograph of an antique automobile out for a spin on a Beverly Hills street.  We saw (our private Los Angeles tour guests noticed first) this beautifully maintained Chevrolet Impala, vintage late 50s or early 60s, turning onto Wilshire Boulevard from Rodeo Drive near the Beverly Wilshire Hotel (very popular with our clientele).  Our younger guests were able to read the markings and insignia but those of us in the office who have been around a while knew the Impala when we looked at the photos from the tour.  As we wish farmers would identify what is growing in their fields near the freeway and along major roads, we also wish owners of these exquisite vintage automobiles would have some placard exactly identifying the vehicle for all the curious onlookers whose attention they know they are attracting.  Maybe someday an enterprising app developer will create software for our cellphones that will be able to determine the make, model and year of any car we encounter.  A program like that would be as essential to a Southern Californian as a bird identifier app is for an Audobon Society member.  The beauty of the climate here is that these classic cars can be driven throughout the year and so always remind us of the beautiful car designs of earlier days.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 4 May 2015

The Phantom of Abbot Kinney

Our tour guest wants his own blue Rolls Royce

Our Private Tour Guests Understand

Valet Parking

One of the lessons we impart to our Los Angeles guests on a private luxury tour of the city is to make good use of valet parking whenever they find it.  Not only does it save wear and tear on the soul trying to find a legal parking spot and slip carefully into the space it makes it much more likely that your $250,000 blue Rolls Royce Phantom will be parked clear of other vehicles and returned to you unscathed.  This was not our tour vehicle that we found along the Abbott Kinney shopping and dining row.  We have luxury SUVs that hold six comfortably and allow us to navigate all the tiny winding streets of Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  But, if our guests wish to tour Los Angeles in a late model Rolls Royce (Phantom or Shadow), we can arrange for that to happen.  In fact, almost any luxury automobile can be used for our guests on their custom tour.  Think of driving up to the Hollywood Sign in a Tesla, Lamborghini or Maybach.  Now that’s styling.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 19 March 2015

Back to the Future on a Los Angeles Tour

Following a DeLorean on our private Los Angeles tour

Our Private Tour Celebrates 30 Years of

Back to the Future

Is that Marty McFly driving or Doc Brown here in Hollywood not very far from Universal Studios where BACK TO THE FUTURE was made thirty years ago?  We were never able to determine who the driver was despite the excited urgings of our guests on a luxury private tour of Los Angeles to go faster and pass the DeLorean with the GOING BK license plate and the GB country plaque.  As cool as our luxury SUV is for our excursions it is not that good at weaving in traffic and passing a super fine sports car.  Our first thought when we saw the plate was Going Broke or Going Bankrupt, a snide reference to John DeLorean or perhaps to someone who purchased one of these futuristic automobiles back in the 70s.  With this being a big anniversary for a groundbreaking film we were delighted to happen upon this tribute vehicle, close enough to get this action shot as we drove along.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 March 2015

Classic Surfmobile Sighted in Malibu

A classic surf car in Malibu - '73 Ford Pinto Woodie

Our Private Tour Guests Enjoy a Rare Treat

Truly it is our private Los Angeles tour guests who direct their guides to unusual and amazing cars seen on the streets where we travel throughout Los Angeles.  The latest model luxury sedans and roadsters are all around Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  Hummers are ho-hum these days.  Teslas immediately draw the eyes of our car-centric guests.  But the classic vehicles always generate '73 Ford Pinto Woody for sale.  Only $8,500.oohs and ahhhs and “let’s take a picture.”  In Malibu the other day our guide was requested to make a quick u-turn so our guests could examine this 1973 Ford Pinto Woodie.  Even better was noting the surfboard on the roofrack.  What a charming vehicle.  Still more interesting…the vehicle was For Sale.  $8,500.  Such a deal.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 25 February 2015

The Magic Bus is Here in Santa Barbara

It is a Magic Bus, VW style

Private Tour Camera Sees More Than Our Guests

While cruising the shoreline in Santa Barbara it seemed natural for our private luxury tour guide to snap a photograph of this colorfully painted VW microbus.  Southern California beach culture is very familiar with this vehicle in all its configurations and with myriad artistic expressions applied to its surfaces.  We had no idea that such a great lens effect was captured.  It truly is a magic bus.  Santa Barbara is not a very long ride away from Los Angeles and the Hollywood scene and many of our guests are familiar enough with L.A. to want to explore other cities in our vicinity.  Santa Barbara is an excellent destination with its long Indian-Spanish-Mission-Gold Rush history, it’s surfing culture and it’s proximity to the wine making region in the Santa Ynez Valley.  We know it well and go there often.  While we drive luxury SUVs maybe we should consider finding our own Magic Bus.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 10 November 2014

The Bijan Bugatti of Rodeo Drive

A pretty photograph of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills

Our Los Angeles Tour Guests Join the Crowds on Rodeo Drive

Like a giant honeybee seen through the blooms of Rodeo Drive in Beverly HillsGolden Triangle district, the Bijan Bugatti is as much an attractor of eyes and attention as any flowers growing along the famed road.  Without a doubt one of the most requested stops our private Los Angeles tour guests make during a custom luxury tour of the big city as well as Hollywood and Beverly Hills, we cruise up and down Rodeo Drive and park to visit close hand the stores and boutiques that line the ritzy shopping area, the Mile of Style.  The Bijan store draws big crowds when the master is in simply by having the Bugatti, the Rolls Royce or the Ferrari parked on the street outside.  Each vehicle has been custom designed by the late designer and is now driven by his son who continues to run the business.

Bijan's custom Bugatti in front of his Rodeo Drive boutique

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 23 October 2014

The Yellow Rolls Royce of Hollywood

The Yellow Rolls Royce in Hollywood

Our Los Angeles Tour Guests Love Carspotting

Our guide was impressed to have his private custom tour guests draw his attention to the yellow rolls royce parked at an auto service center.  They were familiar with the 1964 film The Yellow Rolls Royce that follows the romantic stories of three owners of the same Phantom.  The 1964 film written by Terence Rattigan stars Rex Harrison and Jeanne Moreau, George C. Scott and Shirley MacLaine, and Ingrid Bergman and Omar Sharif.  Could this be the same car used in the film?  It is certainly possible though Hollywood film aficionados know that movie companies always have a number of similar vehicles available during filming in the event something unforeseen occurs or to have different cars available for different purposes (principal shots and 2nd unit filming).  Sometimes one car is driveable and used for “on the road” scenes while another inoperative vehicle is only used for close-ups.  This could be one of those cars or maybe not.  Just another yellow Rolls Royce Phantom in for an oil change in Los Angeles.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 September 2014

Do the Dukes of Hazzard Eat on the Sunset Strip?

It's the Dukes of Hazzard's General Lee on the Sunset Strip

Our Private Tour Gets a Gander at the General Lee

Considering there were more than 250 1969 Dodge Chargers converted and prepared for use in the wildly popular television series The Dukes of Hazzard you would think we would run into this vehicle around Los Angeles and Hollywood more often.  The General Lee, as it is named, did recently appear in a wild television advertisement with Dukes’ stars Tom Wopat and John Schneider.  The guys looked great and so did the the car as it did the other day when our private Los Angeles tour cruised by Le Petit Four on the Sunset Strip and saw it parked in a spot of honor on the street.  We usually see Ferraris and Maseratis, the occasional Rolls Royce or Maybach, parked here so our eyes were instantly caught by the orange muscle car numbered 01.  But considering the rollovers and jumps, doughnuts and rough turns made during production of the television show, perhaps it is lucky for us that any of these grand autos are still around.

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