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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 23 August 2016

Beverly Hills Silver CLS500

Nothing strange about a pure silver Mercedes on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills

Our Private Tour Guests Needed Sunglasses as This Mercedes Passes By

There are so many late model Mercedes cars around Beverly Hills and Hollywood that we hardly notice them.  Just part of the ever moving (hopefully) traffic that we are happy to talk about on a Los Angeles private tour.  We often see some quite amazing cars on our roads.  There are expensive ones from fashionable car designers in Italy as well as Hollywood stunt cars.  With our nice weather autos last forever so we will often encounter an antique automobile looking like it did as it rolled out of the factory.  This car, though, a Mercedes CLS550 really caught our attention as it caught up and passed us just as we arrived at Rodeo Drive.  Our guide snapped this photo with the silverized Louis Vuitton building in the background.  Coincidentally, because so many of our custom tour guests are truly car1936 Ford Tudor Sedan made of stainless steel buffs (Los 1936 Ford Tudor SedanAngeles is a perfect destination for folks who love pretty cars) and we write about them so often here at, someone just sent us an article about a 1936 Ford Tudor Sedan made of stainless steel built for Allegheny Ludlum Steel.  Stainless steel was a new manufacturing process at the time and the automobiles made (4 in total) were an experiment conducted by Ford and the steel company.  Only one of the autos exists today.  Sadly, the experiment failed because the manufacturing process damaged the dies used to stamp the parts.  At least today we have paint processes that can accomplish the shiny silver look of this elegant Mercedes.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 17 March 2016

TBT – Classic Car in Hollywood

Wow, a red 1958 Dodge Coronet in Hollywood

Private Tour Guests Treated to Classic American Car

This 1958 Dodge Coronet is not even a movie car.  It is purring smoothly as it glides down Hollywood Boulevard in the heart of Tinseltown.  We have just been up to the Hollywood Sign and are coming into town with our private Los Angeles tour guests to walk around the Walk of Fame. On the way to Grauman’s Chinese Theater this cherry antique drives right in front of us.  One of our guests had been asking us about all the great cars seen in television shows depicting the past (Fargo, Agent Carter and recently the Coen Brothers’ film look at old Hollywood, Hail Caesar!).  Where do these great cars come from?  Well, when you see classic automobiles everywhere around Los Angeles on a day-to-day basis they can understand that cars do not die here in Southern California.  Our great weather and car culture keep these machines running and well maintained.  We have a whole industry of car buffs who collect the vehicles from the earliest days of cars and provide them to film production companies.  Antique autos, buses, vans all the way up to modern day vehicles.  There are even collectors with science fiction vehicles like the Batmobile.  No cars are ever junked or discarded because someday a film is going to need them.  Perhaps the owner of this Coronet is in someone’s contact list who needs a car for a remake of Grease.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 December 2015

A Miracle on the Miracle Mile

The Petersen Automotive Museum just reopened in Los Angeles – Wow!

For Our Private Tour Guests Who Love Cars

Welcome to the new look of the Petersen Automotive Museum.  Once a giant department store (Ohrbach’s) located at the corner of Fairfax and Wilshire on the Miracle Mile (so named for its grand shopping all the way to La Brea) the Petersen publishing empire celebrates all things automotive in this landmark location.  Since 1994 the Petersen collection of cars, trucks and motorcycles has thrilled car lovers with ever changing exhibits in 25 galleries.  There are more than 100 vehicles on display with the remainder of the collection safely stored in a giant vault beneath the building.  Talk to the right people and pay the fee and the vault is accessible to an eager auto enthusiast.  Hollywood and the movies contribute to the exhibition at most times so you can see and enjoy the designs of cars instrumental in the action of some of your favorite movies and television shows.  With its proximity to both Hollywood and Beverly Hills we always manage to pass by the Petersen on our private tour of Los Angeles and perhaps convince our guests to make a stop to inspect some show cars on display.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 November 2015

Batmobile on the Streets of Los Angeles

George Barris Leaves Us but We Tell Our

Private Tour Guests Tales about Him

RIP George Barris who created the original BatmobileWe are saddened to learn that famed automobile customizer and designer George Barris has passed away to that great garage in the sky.  We talk about him often to our automobile enthusiasts sightseeing with us on a private Los Angeles tour.  We often pass by and point out to our tour guests his shop in the San Fernando Valley.  And once, we just had to stop at a gas station when we saw the notorious modified Lincoln Futura on top of a flatbed trailer being transported – probably to a car show.  Below we republish the blog posting from that day.



The old TV series Batmobile on the move

What a Private Tour Treat to See the Former Batmobile

Every car gets updates, sometimes whole new designs (VW Bug, Ford Mustang).  Sometimes the updates are inspiring and spur sales and sometimes not so much.  You have to admit that the original Batmobile from the 1960s series starring Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin the Boy Wonder really was a magnificent looking automobile.  A closer look at the Batmobile cockpitThe Lincoln Futura concept car (never a road model) provided the basis for the show’s designers.  Not only was Hollywood able to mold the car to suit the needs of the show and its characters but the design has stood the test of time.  She’s still beautiful.  She’s still adored as we caught her on her way to a car show.  We enjoy that our private Los Angeles tour guests, even those not so into cars and motorcycles, always take note of some of the amazing transportation vehicles we see very day in and around Los Angeles.  We also take our guests wanting to hike up to the Hollywood Sign, a real Hollywood fitness adventure tour, past the old cave used as the entrance for this old Batmobile as it came and went from Batman’s subterranean garage.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 8 October 2015

TBT – Arroyo Seco Parkway

Vintage photograph of shiny new Arroyo Seco Parkway connecting Los Angeles and Pasadena

Our Private Tour Guests (Generally) Love This Drive

For this Throw Back Thursday (TBT) we feature a vintage photograph of the oldest freeway in the west, the Arroyo Seco Parkway, which connects downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) with Pasadena.  A little over 8 miles long it follows the sinuous pathway of the Arroyo Seco river (safe and cemented and seen on the left in the image above).  This picture looks south toward Highland Park and the tower of the Southwest American Museum (opened in 1914).  In 1940 when the parkway was completed automobiles were large, lumbering and not driven as fast as modern cars are.  The on ramps still have stop signs to control traffic leading onto what is now commonly called the Pasadena Freeway or in L.A. lingo “the 110.”  A real Los Angeles driver can find themselves challenged entering or leaving the freeway anywhere between the beginning and end of the parkway.  However, the views along the roadway are magnificent in both our “green” (rainy) and “brown” (dry) seasons.  Our private Los Angeles tour guides are kept very busy both describing the sights to see and navigating the treacherous curves.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 15 September 2015

Rare and Fancy Cars at the Nethercutt Collection

A 1936 Duesenberg SJN from the Nethercutt Collection in Los Angeles

If You Love Cars then Have Your

Private Tour Include This Museum

We write here often about cars because our private Los Angeles tour guests get so excited seeing the various late model as well as classic automobiles on the road all through Southern California.  For our true auto aficionados we have some places to enjoy the very latest new car offerings and some other locations for the very oldest in automobile design and manufacturing.  For the latter a favorite tour destination is the Nethercutt Collection in nearby Sylmar.  This fabulous museum has more than 250 rare and exquisite autos dating from as far back as 1898 including the 1936 Duesenberg SJN pictured above.  The Nethercutt Collection is much more than a car museum.  There are antiques of all sorts on display including one of the largest exhibits of mechanical musical instruments in the world.  Even train lovers can rejoice exploring the beautifully restored 1937 Canadian Pacific locomotive and a 1912 Pullman railway car.  Our custom tour guests have never been disappointed when we include a visit to the Nethercutt Collection during a daylong luxury exploration of Los Angeles.

The beautifully restored locomotive at the Nethercutt Museum near Los Angeles

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 30 July 2015

Special Parking for Ferrari 458 Italia

The yellow Ferrari fits the yellow awnings of the Beverly Wilshire hotel

We Park Here Sometimes for Our

Beverly Wilshire Private Los Angeles Tour Guests

We just had to snap this image of the yellow Ferrari 458 Italia parked on Wilshire Boulevard in front of the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire hotel because it so perfectly suited the decor of the building with its yellow striped awnings.  It is also the kind of automobile you expect to see in the vicinity of this grand luxury hotel.  In a world of Bugattis, Rolls-Royces, Lamborghinis and Maybachs we find a particularly heavy concentration of these highly engineered expensive vehicles around the five star hotels where we often meet our private Los Angeles tour guests to begin their tours.  In this part of Beverly Hills, the Golden Triangle, shopping, dining and accommodation are all top notch and their clientele arrive in some of the finest cars we get to see on the road.  With the exception of restored classic cars, the late model vehicles populate the streets in Beverly Hills and Hollywood and the streets often resemble a cruising Concours d’Elegance.  Join us on a custom tour and let’s see how many fancy cars we can spot together.  Of course, we can also visit the Beverly Hills car dealers and the Nethercutt Collection nearby to see luxury cars on display.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 24 June 2015

Lincoln Continental Mark II – Yesteryear’s Gem

Another classic car spotted on Sunset Boulevard – Lincoln Continental Mark II

Our Private Tour Guests Had Never

Seen This Beauty

As we so often remark when we post about a vintage or interesting automobile sighting on the streets of Los Angeles, old cars never die in southern California.  Our warm, dry (very dry lately) climate, wide streets and car-crazy culture see vintage, custom and all sorts of rare and unusual vehicles out on the streets at all times.  Those who can afford the cost and time to maintain these wonderful machines love to take the opportunity to run them about the city for everyone to enjoy.  As we cruised along the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood toward Beverly Hills with our private Los Angeles tour guests this day we noticed the Lincoln Continental Mark II immediately.  It stands out today as much as it did in 1955 when the model was first available.  This stylish coupe sold then for about $10,000 (roughly equivalent to one Rolls-Royce or two Cadillacs) with the only option being air-conditioning ($595 more).  Just 3,000 were built in the three production years leading to the introduction of the Mark III.  An interesting note related to topics we like to cover is that the chassis for this American classic was used for the Lincoln Futura, the car adopted by the Batman television series and modified to be the Batmobile.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 January 2015

The Cars of Beverly Hills

Unusual car seen near the Beverly Hills Hotel

An Unexpected Private Tour Sight in Beverly Hills

Our guide and office staff do not even know where to start in trying to identify this vehicle.  Our private Los Angeles tour was passing by the Beverly Hills Hotel when out popped this red roadster and a couple of cool dudes enjoying a sunny January afternoon.  Readers of our blog know that we capture photos of all kinds of automobiles and conveyances on the streets of Beverly Hills and Hollywood.  Many are the latest models of luxury cars, some are imported roadsters and sedans not seen often on U.S. streets, and then there are the vintage vehicles kept meticulously and in perfect working order decades after they were manufactured.  And, we should not forget the cars and machines made famous in television and movies which show up from time to time on the streets of Los Angeles.  You can view our “car” blogs by clicking this link.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 14 January 2015

Thelma & Louise’s ’66 Thunderbird at the Reagan Library

The '66 blue Thunderbird driven by Thelma & Louise

A Special Exhibit with Cars for

Our Private Tour

Los Angeles could easily rebrand itself as “Cars ‘R Us.”  We love and embrace our automobile culture and celebrate our favorite vehicles whenever we can.  It helps that old cars never die in southern California.  A Mediterranean climate and an automotive and engineering history in the region keep our cars humming.  Even more, we have a special industry that treasures cars as timepieces and symbols of past eras – Hollywood.  It is no small wonder that our private Los Angeles tour guests oooh and ahhhh whenever we pass a classic car or see a cutting edge machine displayed in a Beverly Hills showroom.  Back to cars and movies.  Several very familiar autos are part of a special exhibit at the Reagan Library and Museum.  One of them (above) is the 1966 blue Thunderbird driven by THELMA & LOUISE.  After Thelma (Susan Sarandon) defends Louise’s (Geena Davis) honor in the parking lot of an Oklahoma roadhouse by shooting and killing Harlan Puckett (Timothy Carhart) the girls embark on a road trip that soon becomes a crime spree adventure.  The story does not end well but as luck would have it the beautiful T-bird survives the filming and is ready for car lovers to enjoy in this wonderful exhibit.  Also on display is the first Tim Burton Batmobile and John Travolta‘s custom Ford from GREASE.

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