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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 January 2017

Rodney Dangerfield’s Last Laugh

Rodney Dangerfield's Los Angeles grave – He gets respect now

Our Private Tour Guests Think It’s a Fine Neighborhood

While the kids may not exactly recall the shtick of Rodney Dangerfield most adults fondly remember his bug-eyed quips and his silly movies and TV specials.  His opening line for his standup routine was often, “I get no respect.”  We have to say that when we bring one of our Los Angeles private tour groups to the best little cemetery in the west, Westwood Village Memorial Cemetery, Rodney Dangerfield’s headstone epitaph elicits at least smiles if not outright laughing and he still gets plenty of respect all these years after his passing.  There are a number of funny and meaningful “last words” here in this intimate stone garden just behind a Wilshire Boulevard movie theater.  Many names bring pause to our guests as they reminisce about moments spent in movie theaters, watching their television sets or just listening to music and enjoying the work of some of Hollywood’s most illustrious artists.  Peter Falk, Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe…it’s a very long list of familiar celebrities in such a small area.  Contrary to Mr. Dangerfield’s quip it is a very nice neighborhood.  Enjoy a beautiful day in this neighborhood on your custom tour of Los Angeles.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 October 2016

Hart of the City

Kevin Hart is taking over Los Angeles and the world

Seems Our Private Tour is About Kevin Hart

Living is Los Angeles is often akin to living in a publicity barrage.  When the PR machine for a major star begins to roll we here in the Hollywood area get ALL of the media material in ALL of its manifestations.  Not just television and radio which we have a great deal of but giant banners and billboards, moving billboards mounted on trucks, vans, buses and cars, and signs, signs and more signs.  So it is no surprise that our Los Angeles private tour guests recently asked us about Kevin Hart.  He has taken over the city…he has taken over the world.  He has a new comedy series, an upcoming concert film, a summer blockbuster with Dwayne Johnson (Central Intelligence), a major animated character (Snowball in The Secret Life of Pets) and a recently unveiled star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  What’s next?  Probably a wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s, a lookalike character in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and certainly I ♥ HART buttons and stickers (we would like those for our vehicles).  We can certainly take our guests on a custom Kevin Hart-themed tour visiting film locations and hangout spots and points of interested connected with this man’s life and career.  He has many devoted fans and we expect to see them on one of our private tours of Hollywood and Los Angeles.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 June 2016

Johnny Depp Was Here

Johnny Depp has a cement square at Grauman's Chinese Theater

Johnny Depp Has His Fans on Our Private Tour of Hollywood

Alice Through the Looking Glass is playing at the El Capitan Theater, a Disney movie palace on Hollywood Boulevard.  Our Los Angeles tour guests are admiring Johnny Depp’s hand and foot prints in the cement in the courtyard of the landmark Grauman’s Chinese Theater across the street.  Captain Jack Sparrow and the Mad Hatter can be spotted plying their perfect impersonations on the sidewalk near Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood wax museum where a wax sculpture of him stands ready for a selfie.  Nearby is Johnny’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Maybe Hollywood could be called Johnny Depp Land.  Whatever we might talk about on our private custom tour of Los Angeles there is no denying that every one of our passengers can name favorite movies of theirs starring Johnny Depp.  We even have guests with fond memories of the old television show 21 Jump Street.  Remember that program?  If you have a favorite celebrity be sure to tell us and we will customize your tour to see all the relevant sights and places associated with your star.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 10 February 2016

Remembering O.J. on a Cloudy Day

Mezzaluna (formerly) – where Ron Goldman worked and Nicole and O.J. Simpson liked to eat

Curious Guests Join Us for Dark Side Tour to O.J. Simpson

We have been remembering the O.J. Simpson case throughout the years that we have been providing private tours of Los Angeles.  Visitors from all over the world have arrived with a morbid curiosity for the places associated with the gruesome murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson by famed football player and movie star O.J. Simpson.  We generally try to keep our tours light and entertaining but as soon as a guest suggests an interest in this salacious crime, or any other noted horror tale of Los Angeles, we indulge them with a visit to the places whose names and connection to the crime they might know.  In Brentwood we take them by the site of the former restaurant Mezzaluna where Ron Goldman waited tables and Nicole Simpson ate dinner before they were both brutally murdered by Nicole’s husband, O.J.  We also drive along the road where O.J. once had a house (long ago replaced) where he lived with Kato Kaelin.  We also visit the condominium where the horrifying act was committed and where the “bloody glove” was found.  The trial court, Johnny Cochran’s office building and other homes and offices associated with the case can be visited, too, if our guests are so inclined.  With the new FX series: The People vs. O.J. Simpson – American Crime Story garnering critical praise and a huge viewership we expect to visiting O.J. related sites throughout Los Angeles more often than in the past as our guests come here primed to see in person what is depicted on the television series.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 2 December 2015

Madame Tussauds Hollywood Guarded by Shrek

The life size Shrek greets our guest outside Madame Tussaud's Hollywood

Only the Most Playful and Respectful of

Private Tour Guests Get Past Shrek

The next best thing to meeting up with a giant green slothful ogre in real life is a comfortable tête-à-tête outside of Madame Tussauds in Hollywood with the star of screen, stage and products – Shrek.  Like so many of his Hollywood compatriots the museum right next to Grauman’s Chinese Theater in the heart of tinseltown celebrates celebrities of all shapes and sizes.  We often make a visit to this world famous wax museum a part of our private custom tour when we are sightseeing in Hollywood.  There are 115 extraordinary life-like sculptures inside the facility which opened six years ago.  The sculptures are incredible as they capture not only the character but the actor famous for creating the part in the film.  It is almost as good as running into them outside their Beverly Hills homes…which we sometimes do.  Of course, Shrek lives in an enchanted forest far, far away, so we only get to see him here at Madame Tussauds.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 11 June 2015

The Last Stop Private Los Angeles Tour

A visit to the Viper Room and the spot where River Phoenix checked out

Our Private Tour Guests Visit Notorious Landmarks

While spring remains in the air we revel in thoughts of rebirth and renewal.  Despite the drought Los Angeles is verdant and full of sweet pollen and bumble bees.  Yet, despite the fine weather and sunny days many of our guests are fascinated by death.  Not just the timely passing of older stars and performing artists but the tabloid covered sensational deaths.  Since our tour of Los Angeles is always private and custom that means we will be stopping at the Viper Room (above) on Sunset Boulevard to talk about the drugged ending of River Phoenix at the famous West Hollywood nightclub owned at the time by Johnny Depp.  That was 22 years ago when River was only 23 years old.  More recent was the widely covered untimely death of Michael Jackson in a Holmby Hills mansion that he was renting during his preparation for his THIS IS IT comeback concert series in London.  From the Hollywood Sign itself to some now seedy apartments around Hollywood we can bring our guests to numerous destinations associated with murder and mayhem, accidents and unexplained passings of the rich and the famous….our Dark Side custom Los Angeles tour.

Michael Jackson's last stop

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:40 17 December 2012

Lindsay is Probably Not on Santa’s NICE List

Photograph of Sunset Boulevard billboard of Lindsay Lohan as Liz Taylor

Building-sized billboards abound in Los Angeles.  They are called “supergraphics” and are sometimes controversial.  But they get attention and that is their purpose.  We took this photograph during a private luxury tour of Hollywood as we passed by this Sunset Boulevard office structure.  The advertisement for the film was more interesting than the film itself, so we understand.  Los Angeles not only has supergraphics but also LED animated billboards and the occasional special effects sign with moving parts or smoke or some catchy feature.  The Sunset Strip is still the best place to see and enjoy these large scale advertisments.  There is even a new book out recounting the Rock ‘n’ Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip by Robert Landau.

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