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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 10 December 2013

Die Hard and Lethal Weapon Filmed Here

Aerial photo of Fox Plaza and Intercontinental Hotel in Century City

Our Private Tour Guests Love to See Movie Locations

Like an establishing shot in a movie our helicopter tour of Los Angeles gives our guests a chance to see film locations as the filmmakers do.  This particular photograph was taken during a flight over Century City and features the Fox Plaza Building (left) and the Intercontinental Hotel.  The Fox Plaza building was called the Nakatomi Tower in the first Die Hard film, John McTiernan’s blockbuster that turned Bruce Willis into an action hero.  It was a convenient location for the 20th Century Fox production with the studio located just behind the skyscraper (also seen in the photo).

Now the Intercontinental Hotel, the ziggarat like structure next to the Fox Plaza, also a favorite movie and television filming location, was where important scenes in Lethal Weapon 2 were filmed.  From this angle you can see the swimming pool where Mel Gibson as detective Martin Riggs falls with the faux room service attendant in one exciting scene.  Our helicopter tours can be combined with a ground tour so our guests get a custom tour experience that fully captures everything about Los Angeles.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:36 14 December 2012

Century City at Night

Photo of Century City (Los Angeles) at night

Sure, Paris is renowned as the City of Lights but we think Los Angeles challenges the French capital in every way.  This beautiful photograph of Century City (the Intercontinental Hotel is the ziggurat on the left, the Century Plaza is lit in red in the center, and Beverly Hills High School has a football game on the right) was taken from high atop the Mr. C Hotel just east of Century City.  Our private luxury tour guests were happily back at their hotels after a day of sightseeing with us through Los Angeles and Hollywood.  We had the pleasure of attending a Los Angeles Concierge Association (LACA) party at this recently remodeled boutique hotel and this was the view from the parapet outside the lounge.  Were this Christmas eve you would certainly be able to see Santa Claus and his reindeer-powered sleigh flying through the clear December sky.

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