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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:41 2 November 2012

Come Fly with Me – iFly at Universal

Photo of our tour guide, Jeff, in the iFly vertical wind tunnel

One of the best things to do when visiting Los Angeles is our special Adventure private luxury tour to iFly at Universal City Walk.  Having already shown our guests the major sightseeing locales around Hollywood and Beverly Hills we then head over to Universal City and this very fun attraction on the promenade outside the studio theme park.  It is a vertical wind tunnel that simulates free fall — skydiving without the parachute.  As you can see from the giddy photograph of our model (and tour guide) Jeff, appropriate clothing and safety equipment are provided as well as adequate training.  After that it’s all just a good time floating up and down in a tall, clear vertical shaft.  One tip that Jeff provides his guests when visiting iFly, “In a vertical wind tunnel, you drool up!”

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