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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 7 March 2016

California Central Coast Beauty

A beautiful photo of the Bixby Bridge on the California coast

A Private Tour Can See More of California than Los Angeles

“Have Vehicles, Licenses, Certification…Will Travel.”*  We are not at all limited to Los Angeles or even Southern California.  We have guests who may start their sightseeing locally with us and see how we present the beauty, wonder and interesting points about Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Malibu and want more.  Since we know the entire state well and are happy to venture out of our home area we can drive up to San Francisco, for instance.  The drive along the coast is relaxing and extraordinarily beautiful as can be seen in this photograph of the Bixby Bridge ahead on Highway 1 along the coast.  From William Randolph Hearst’s castle to the elephant seals of Piedras Blancas, coast plains to rugged mountains, well-tended state beaches to wild hidden sandy coves we can uncover for our private Los Angeles tour guests the real California.  Truly interested guests will enjoy the ride up the coast to our City by the Bay (San Francisco) and then a drive back down to Los Angeles through the Central Valley, the agricultural capitol of the country which is striking in its expanse and its beauty.  If our guests have a few days to explore we can show them around on a truly amazing sightseeing adventure of California.

*reference to 60s television western, Have Gun Will Travel

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 February 2016

Hearst Castle on a Los Angeles Tour

We are heading up to visit Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle as a Private Tour Destination

We can list about five or six estates in California that can qualify as castles but only one of them is known that way – Hearst Castle (we are not including Hollywood’s Magic Castle in this discussion).   Hearst Castle was built in 1919 on a 40,000 acre estate located roughly halfway between The indoor pool at Hearst CastleLos Angeles and San Francisco near the tiny coastal town of San Simeon.  Famed architect Julia Morgan worked with the owner, newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst, over many years creating the palatial structures which have been maintained by the California State Park Commission since 1958.  Hearst Castle is both a national and state landmark and is completely open to the public for tours.  The four-hour drive from Los Angeles is remarkable with breathtaking views along our Highway 1 following the Pacific coast.  For our guests wanting to arrive more quickly we can make use of one of our luxury twin-engine helicopters to fly up the coast and land at the castle’s airport much as the Hollywood movie stars and world dignitaries did in Hearst’s day.  There are numerous tours we can join once we arrive at the mountaintop so that we can explore with our private Los Angeles tour guests everything there is to see.  An indoor tour allowed us a chance to photograph the Inside Hearst Castle at one end of the Roman PoolRoman Pool which really exemplifies the artistry and craftsmanship that is evident everywhere we explored throughout the estate.  Does Hearst Castle put the other California castles to shame?  We think so and we expect that our custom tour guests who have journeyed with us to Central California would agree.



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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 8 February 2016

Beautiful View of California Coastline

Blue ocean and green coastline after the rain comes in California

Guests Love Their Helicopter Tour of the California Coast

The heavy El Niño winter storm that passed through the southland stirred up the sand along the beaches which gives the shoreline waters a murky look when seen from above.  The views of the California coastline are incredible in the clear cool air of our winter months and just spectacular when the rain clouds are gone.  The “green” season is upon us and Southern California celebrates the green grasses on the hills and mountains.  Our private Los Angeles tour, aerial in one of our luxury helicopters (above), can journey down to San Diego, up to Santa Barbara or over to Catalina Island to really show off a coast line that is both rugged and well settled, bordered by craggy mountains and gentle sloping hills and in places nearby grand deserts.  What makes a helicopter tour special is that we can slow down and hover above anything special that we encounter along the way.  That is why we get such extraordinary photographs for our guests’ tour photo albums.



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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:03 18 December 2012

Some Gifts Are Forever – The Korean Friendship Bell

Photo of Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro, CAWhile the holiday season brings thoughts of giving and receiving gifts, we present today a couple of recent photos from a private luxury tour along the Los Angeles coast to San Pedro.  The Korean Friendship Bell was donated to the people of Los Angeles in 1976 as a symbol of international friendship and unity from the people of the Republic of South Korea honoring the U.S bicentennial and the contribution of American military veterans who served in Korea.

Built atop a small plateau overloCloseup photo of the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro, CA oking the Pt. Fermin Lighthouse, this contemplative sightseeing destination offers extraordinary views of the Palos Verdes coastline, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and the Channel Islands.  There are lots of things to do in Los Angeles besides visiting Hollywood and Beverly Hills and seeing celebrity homes and mansions.  The city has a rich history and offers an enormous variety of activities.  Plus, we are friendly.  We have a friendship bell!

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 10:55 31 May 2012

June Gloom follows May Gray

The heavy Pacific fog rolls in nightly as the weather warms

This is the reason we so enjoy the occasional evening luxury tours of Los Angeles we get do with our guests.  Everything looks different.  But as photographers we find there is still plenty of light.  This view looking toward Santa Monica from the Hollywood Hills shows the marine layer making its way onshore where it will sit until late morning the next day.  While the inland areas heat up with approaching summer the coast remains cool and comfortable, even a bit nippy.  Southern Californians all know to dress in layers.  Our tour guests learn that lesson pretty quickly.

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