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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 January 2017

Rodney Dangerfield’s Last Laugh

Rodney Dangerfield's Los Angeles grave – He gets respect now

Our Private Tour Guests Think It’s a Fine Neighborhood

While the kids may not exactly recall the shtick of Rodney Dangerfield most adults fondly remember his bug-eyed quips and his silly movies and TV specials.  His opening line for his standup routine was often, “I get no respect.”  We have to say that when we bring one of our Los Angeles private tour groups to the best little cemetery in the west, Westwood Village Memorial Cemetery, Rodney Dangerfield’s headstone epitaph elicits at least smiles if not outright laughing and he still gets plenty of respect all these years after his passing.  There are a number of funny and meaningful “last words” here in this intimate stone garden just behind a Wilshire Boulevard movie theater.  Many names bring pause to our guests as they reminisce about moments spent in movie theaters, watching their television sets or just listening to music and enjoying the work of some of Hollywood’s most illustrious artists.  Peter Falk, Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe…it’s a very long list of familiar celebrities in such a small area.  Contrary to Mr. Dangerfield’s quip it is a very nice neighborhood.  Enjoy a beautiful day in this neighborhood on your custom tour of Los Angeles.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 7 November 2016

The Laugh Factory Remembers the Laughter

The Laugh Factory in Hollywood remembers Kevin Meaney

Kevin Meaney Means Something to Our Private Tour

Comedy is very important when you live in a big city.  Los Angeles celebrates comedy like no where else.  We have major comedy clubs, like the Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard, where the very best comics, comedians and extraordinarily funny people draw crowds of laughter-seeking folks night after night.  If traffic getting to the club gets you down then be happy because you have belly laughs coming.  Think of it as aerobic psychotherapy.  Expect heavy, fast breathing and tears as your fears and sadness dissipate into the Hollywood evening.  But even funny people get sad when one of their own passes on and the comedy clubs acknowledge this.  Kevin Meaney, amusing us for almost forty years, departed recently for a long-term gig in heaven.  The Laugh Factory marquee became an epitaph and the stage an altar to honor Kevin’s fine work and the great memories we all have of him on late night television, sitcoms and, of course, on stage himself right here at the Laugh Factory.  A Los Angeles private tour is generally an amusing affair, our guides all have comedy training and experience, but they recognize the fleeting presence of the best of the best who make it to Hollywood and will speak respectfully of all the greats as they show our guests where comedy is king at the most famous clubs in America that they pass by while sightseeing.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 October 2016

Hart of the City

Kevin Hart is taking over Los Angeles and the world

Seems Our Private Tour is About Kevin Hart

Living is Los Angeles is often akin to living in a publicity barrage.  When the PR machine for a major star begins to roll we here in the Hollywood area get ALL of the media material in ALL of its manifestations.  Not just television and radio which we have a great deal of but giant banners and billboards, moving billboards mounted on trucks, vans, buses and cars, and signs, signs and more signs.  So it is no surprise that our Los Angeles private tour guests recently asked us about Kevin Hart.  He has taken over the city…he has taken over the world.  He has a new comedy series, an upcoming concert film, a summer blockbuster with Dwayne Johnson (Central Intelligence), a major animated character (Snowball in The Secret Life of Pets) and a recently unveiled star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  What’s next?  Probably a wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s, a lookalike character in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and certainly I ♥ HART buttons and stickers (we would like those for our vehicles).  We can certainly take our guests on a custom Kevin Hart-themed tour visiting film locations and hangout spots and points of interested connected with this man’s life and career.  He has many devoted fans and we expect to see them on one of our private tours of Hollywood and Los Angeles.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 28 July 2016

Finding Funny in Los Angeles

Stop in for a belly laugh or two at the Improv on Melrose

What’s So Funny About a Comedy Sightseeing Tour of Los Angeles

As funny as our guides can be, and they are quite amusing, each of them with performing backgrounds (it’s Hollywood after all), the professionals who inhabit the stage at The Improv and the other big comedy clubs are even funnier.  Way funnier.  Think of our Elite Adventure Tours guides as warmup acts on the way to the clubs.  We do club crawls in the evening for our private Los Angeles tour guests wanting a designated driver and comedy expert showing them the city and getting them safely and humorously between nightclubs with sightseeing along the way.  If a club crawl is something our guests would prefer to do on their own we can still take them around to all the clubs in the daytime so they know where to go in the evening.  Plus, we know the new and upcoming clubs, the farm teams for the majors, so they can catch the rising stars in their formative stages.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 June 2016

Missing Garry Shandling

A look back at a the Laugh Factory tribute to Garry Shandling

Comedy Is the Theme of This Private Tour of L.A.

Los Angeles can be considered a comedy capitol.  We have wonderful and famous comedy clubs that arose from the nightclub era in the late ’60s and have flourished ever since.  Future comedians always make their way to Los Angeles to play these clubs and await their opportunity to be invited onto late night talk shows and other venues as they make their way to stardom.  One great club we pass by on the Sunset Strip near Hollywood is the Laugh Factory.  Opened by Jamie Masada in 1979 this warm and welcoming venue (right next to Greenblatt’s Deli and Wine Shop) recalls to us that everyone who is anyone in the comedy world has been listed on the marquee.  On this particular day we were reminded that Garry Shandling had just passed away and we really appreciated the sentiment.  We spoke to our guests of how tight-knit the comedy community is and how much respect they hold for one another.  The Laugh Factory is known for its Thanksgiving dinners for comedians, both local and visiting, to ensure the community is well fed and happy when most people are home with their families.  Our private custom tour of Los Angeles allows our guests a chance to see the great comedy clubs and then make plans to enjoy the show while they are visiting Southern California.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 January 2016

The Comedy Store Brings Wistful Smiles

A look back at a great photo from 1978 – Robin Williams at The Comedy Store

A Funny Los Angeles Tour Means Memories of Robin Williams

If we are not the capitol of funny here in Los Angeles, at least we have tour guides who know their way around a joke and funny story.  If our private Los Angeles tour guests want to be amused while sightseeing in Hollywood and Beverly Hills then we have the tour driving comedians to do it.  Our people also share a love of the history of comedy and its Los Angeles influences.  We pay particular attention for our passengers so inclined to the world famous comedy clubs all around the city.  One in particular is The Comedy Store right on the Sunset Strip in W. Hollywood.  An important historic denizen of Sammy and Mitzi Shore‘s (Pauly’s parents) comedy palace was Robin Williams.  His distinct comedy voice was tragically lost year and now memories of him here at the The Comedy Store are wistful.  But what do we do when we get too sad thinking about what used to be?  We tell a funny anecdote and focus on what comedians are present and dream of those to come.  Whatever happens, The Comedy Store will be a guiding light of humor and fun on any dark Los Angeles night.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 1 October 2015

Buy Some Laughs at The Comedy Store

The Comedy Store in W. Hollywood before opening

Rich Club History Amuses Our Private Tour Guests

Some of our private Los Angeles tour guests have actually heard of Ciro’s, the infamous Sunset Strip nightclub where the Golden Age and Rat Pack Hollywood stars drank, performed and drank some more.  Ah, the jokes that could be heard at the tables must have been hilarious.  Ciro’s then became The Comedy Store in 1972 and the jokes moved onto the stage as Mitzi and Sammy Shore created a showcase for young and upcoming comedians as well as comedy stars during what became a Golden Age of Standup Comedy. Where do you think Pauly Shore came from?  The list of great performers is too long to recite but you can pretty much be assured than any comedian you have heard of from Johnny Carson to Adam Hunter has amused and delighted audiences in this W. Hollywood hotspot.  Los Angeles is a funny town…funny peculiar and funny ha-ha…and offers several great comedy clubs to host the many funny people looking for crowds of laugh seekers.  Get your laugh on and spend an evening at The Comedy Store.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 March 2013

Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill Hosts Zach Sherwin

After your Los Angeles Tour…

Exterior photo of Hollywood Studio Bar & GrillGower Gulch Photo of Zach Sherwincontinues to get hip and happening (OK, Denny’s Diner might not really be considered hip) and a notable place to check out is the Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill.  A great menu to select your meal from but equally important is the musical and comedy entertainment.  Jazz, open mic singing, cabaret specials — this is a grand place for the kind of music that used to be found throughout Hollywood in other times.  But they also host comedy and beginning tonight you can drop into see Zach Sherwin (aka MC Mr. Napkins) in “The Big Show” and just laugh your troubles away.

Our younger private Los Angeles tour guests have been going on and on about Mr. Sherwin while our music loving friends have been telling us about Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill.  Well now that they have come together we decided to let you all in on two treats in one.  Tuesday nights.  8:00 p.m.  And, just to get you smiling today, here is a short rap about a bee by Zach Sherwin.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:50 19 November 2012

Thanksgiving Laugh Feast at the Laugh Factory

Photo of Laugh Factory in HollywoodAre you looking for something completely different to do around Los Angeles for Thanksgiving?  Let us suggest a Hollywood tradition — Thanksgiving dinner at the Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard.  Having served more than 150,000 hungry folks over the years, the Laugh Factory offers 4 seatings (1, 3, 5 and 7 p.m.) with a full turkey dinner and trimmings followed by a comedy show.  Equally important — it’s FREE!  Expect to see celebrities and comedy heroes serving food and jokes for the lively crowd.  We entertain our private luxury tour guests sightseeing through Hollywood with tales of the Laugh Factory and its colorful history and we always mention their contribution to the community at Thanksgiving.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:22 5 October 2012

Comedy Paintings at the L.A. Improv

Photo of the Improv parking lot with paintings of comedians

High art or dart targets, it’s hard to say, but you can’t miss the parking lot as you arrive at the L.A. Improv in West Hollywood for an evening’s entertainment.  Can you put a name to all the faces shown?  Don’t worry if you can’t.  Visit the L.A. Improv and take a look at the photos inside.  That should help identify the paintings outside.  On a long private luxury tour of Los Angeles we will pass this and several other world class comedy palaces in the area.  This is our favorite parking lot.  See the empty chair?  That’s where Clint Eastwood got the idea and now it’s where the valets practice their routines.

L.A. Improv
8162 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  90048

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