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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 5 December 2014

The Best Service the Best Hotels Provide – The Concierge

Our Private Tour Friend of Friends – The Concierge

When in doubt, ask the conciergeThe best hotels all over the world have staff in place just to make your stay a little bit better.  These men and women know services and activities outside the hotel and are there to assist you with transportation, tickets, reservations and any other issues that arise during your visit.  We depend on our concierge friends to direct their guests desiring a private Los Angeles tour or adventure to us.  The concierge’s nuanced knowledge of the city can help with decisions about where to eat and what to do as well as help with little problems that all travelers face at one time or another: replacement cell phones and electronic accessories, needs for children, tailoring, etc.  In Los Angeles the concierge will know when there is a special ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame or how traffic around an awards show will impact your travel to the airport.  Our local concierges are experts on Hollywood, Beverly Hills and downtown Los Angeles as well as outlying communities like Malibu and Long Beach that our visitors wish to visit.  While our guides and office staff pride themselves on a thorough knowledge of the region and its attractions and services, whenever one of our guests stumps us with a question we always say, Ask a Concierge.

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