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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 November 2016

Strange Hollywood

Doctor Strange is casting powerful spells at Hollywood's El Capitan

Private Tour + Theater Tour + Movie = Strange

One of the great movie palaces of the world is the El Capitan in Hollywood where movie lovers and moviedom’s greatest filmmakers have been entertained since the first days of Los Angeles filmmaking.  This incredible theater, opened in 1926 and later owned by Paramount, is now in the competent hands of the Disney Corporation.  As we tell our Los Angeles private tour guests that means they can expect the best conditions and service possible even in a classic theater.  Throughout the year there will be stage shows, special guests, movie premieres and all sorts of wonders and surprises above and beyond just showing in the best of auditoriums with the best of projection and sound equipment the best Disney movies.  Since Marvel is a Disney operation that means that when Doctor Strange comes to town he gets a seat at the El Capitan.  Our guests, instead of visiting a Hollywood museum, might want to spend some tour time with us in a great Hollywood movie palace.  After a tour of the exhibits and premises we can marvel at the live organ raising and lowering from below the stage as if by magic.  The waterfall curtain and lighting effects as the film program begins leaves the audience gasping in delight.  The magic of Disney and the magic of Doctor Strange are a special combination that our guests can enjoy right now while they are visiting Los Angeles.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 28 June 2016

We Found Dory

Our private tour arrives in Hollywood in time for the Finding Dory premiere

Our Private Tour Has Eyes on the Stars at FINDING DORY Premiere

While their tour guide knew exactly what was happening and was mindful of the timing of the private custom tour of Los Angeles he was leading, his guests began to suspect something was going on, something big, as they came into Hollywood.  Sure enough, Hollywood Boulevard in front of Disney’s El Capitan Theater was blocked off and carpeted in blue (not red!) for the arrival of the stars of the new animated feature FINDING DORY.  This ocean based family adventure is a sequel to the very successful first film, FINDING NEMO.  The excitement along the Hollywood Walk of Fame was even higher than usual as the limousines turned onto the famous street to drop off their celebrity passengers.  Not a single sea creature among them.  We sure hope the kids weren’t disappointed.  However, if they return to the landmark El Capitan Theater another time to see the film they will be treated not only to a movie but to a short musical stage production featuring singing sea creatures from the film as well as other familiar Disney characters.  With the giant organ rising from the floor and other spectacular stage magic seeing a movie here is a very special treat for youngsters and oldsters alike.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 19 May 2016

Walk of Fame Stars That Kids Love

Our young guest at Mickey Mouse's Walk of Fame star

Our Private Tour Caters to Kids

Most of the 2,500+ stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are known only to our more mature private Los Angeles tour guests.  Folks who have been around a while (at least since 1965 when the first stars were placed in the now famous Hollywood Boulevard sidewalk), seen lots of movies and television and remember the great stars of those, and earlier, days smile and reminisce as we walk along.  Kids, however, do not have the advantage of time and find so many of the stars, well frankly, dull.  We, however, know where the stars are that will excite our young ones sightseeing with us.  Even though Mickey Mouse is as old as the hills he is a regular friend of all children and they delight in finding this star.  Godzilla, the Munchkins, Big Bird, Kermit the Frog, Bugs Bunny, Snoopy and Snow White are a just a few of the Walk of Fame stars we can be sure to pass as we are exploring Hollywood.  Even when we are in the courtyard of the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater we can take the children to see the handprints of young movie stars recognized in their day and talk about them, maybe even get them interested enough to watch an old movie.  What little girl doesn’t like Shirley Temple, after all?

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 May 2016

All Things Disney Start Here

The front gate to the Walt Disney Co. in Burbank

A Private Tour of Movie Studios Brings Us to Disney

There are five major movie studios in the world that anyone can likely name: Universal, Paramount, MGM, Warner Brothers and … Disney.  Ask a young person to name the major movie studios and you probably only get one name back.  Yes, Disney.  We grew up with Disney in our parents’ days and the same for most grandparents around today.  Of course, young folks have even more Disney films, television, music and products than ever before.  When we have a family on board enjoying a private custom tour around Los Angeles we get lots of Disney-related questions from the youngsters.  Often that means we will journey to Burbank and drive around the The Walt Disney Co. studios.  We can point out the features of the lot that speak to our young guests and impress their parents with stories, facts and statistics that make this studio facility stand out.  This particular studio has been the home to Disney films since 1939, constructed with the profits from Walt Disney’s hugely successful first full length animated motion picture, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Last year revenue for the studio exceeded $50 BILLION.  That’s incredible when you think of Walt’s modest start in a Los Feliz garage (ask and we will take you to see that).  Disney really is everywhere in our lives and especially around Hollywood.  Of course, Disneyland is less than an hour away.  Yes, we like to think of ourselves as an “E-ticket” ride through Disney’s world.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 April 2014

The Giant Mice of Hollywood Boulevard

Our guest gets between Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Our Littlest Los Angeles Tour Guest Loves the Mice

And the mice love him.  Disney is all around Hollywood, not just at Disneyland to the south of the city.  Disney Studios is just over the hill from where Mickey and Minnie ply their mouse pads on Hollywood Boulevard so these large rodents had a short trip to work.  Walt’s original garage studio is nearby in Los Feliz and his large scale model train is set up in nearby Griffith Park and open for visits by the public once a month.  Just to the left of the frame of the above photograph is Disney’s El Capitan Theater and the Disney Store.  The street also harbors other famous Disney movie characters who will pose for photographs with our private Los Angeles tour guests while we snap the photo.  We wondered how the human souls of these two costumed figures manage in the rising heat as summer approaches.  We kept watching and then we knew.  Convertibles.  Just put the top up.

Mickey and Minnie take a break on Hollywood Boulevard

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 13 February 2013

Art from Architecture in a Photograph of Los Angeles

Photograph of the Disney Concert Hall on a cloudy Los Angeles day

Our company’s dedication to photography as a part of any private Los Angeles tour that we do shows in our website and on our blogsite.  Our guests allow us to use photos from their tour but they, and our readers, often send us their own images.  This photograph was taken by a friend, Marie Stein, on a recent cloudy (rare) day in Los Angeles looking up to the sky beside the Frank Gehry designed Disney Concert Hall.  Walking around the Music Center that day in downtown Los Angeles Marie captured some amazing photographs of the buildings against the backdrop of stormy skies.

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