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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 November 2016

Hollywood is for the Dogs

One of our Hollywood hiking guests today is a King Charles spaniel

Bring a Puppy on a Private Tour of Hollywood

One reason to bring your dog along on a visit to Los Angeles is a custom private tour where your pet is not only welcome but we see that there is as much fun for the animal as for its people.  Our hiking tours are especially good fun for our four-legged guests.  Runyon Canyon in the Hollywood Hills is a moderate hike with lots of sights along the way that harken back not only to old Hollywood and the likes of Charlie Chaplin but even to a notorious outlaw who made this canyon and park his home until, well, the law won.  Now we are more likely to pass The clouds are parting and the sun is shining on the Hollywood Sign as seen from Runyon Canyonby young Hollywood stars out for a nature walk with their pets up and down the steep hillside.  There are also the outdoor yoga classes.  The views of the Los Angeles basin are spectacular as well as a a nice look at the Hollywood Sign to the east high atop Mt. Lee.  If we head up early then the morning clouds will cool us down.  We have water and snacks for everyone (yes, pet snacks, too!) and our guests will have a number of good photos of them and their doggie with Hollywood in the background.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 8 July 2016

Poodle Takes Hollywood

Bring your dog along on a private tour of Hollywood

A Private Tour in Hollywood with Your Dog

With as many cool stops as we make to walk around all the best parts of Los Angeles having a dog along as a guest is no problem at all.  In fact, we can make it a point to not only visit the Hollywood Sign but spend some time in the big park just below the hallowed sign.  But wait, there’s more.  We know where all the best celebrity dog parks and walking paths are in Beverly Hills, Brentwood and Bel Air.  Want to visit the shore with your best bud?  Let’s go and meet some surf samoyeds and beach beagles.  We will bring doggie treats with us to complement the human snacks we always have aboard our luxury SUVs but can take you to some excellent doggie bakeries we know about in the area for an extra special treat.  Does your puppy love movie star dogs?  We know where their stars are on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as well as locations used in filming their movies and television shows.  Let’s just dedicate the tour to all things dog in Hollywood and thank goodness for Rin Tin Tin, Benjie and Air Bud (OK, Lassie and Asta, too).  Hooch, anyone?


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 2 May 2016

Herd of Dogs in Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills dog walker managing a herd and his smartphone

Buckle Up Pups and Let’s Tour Beverly Hills

Here is another interesting sight as our private Los Angeles tour guests compare their home city with Beverly Hills.  This professional dog walker impresses us with his management style.  His herd of carefree canines seem comfortable leashed to his belt as he, what, checks his next appointment?  Tries to remember each animal’s name and where they live?  Looks on Google Maps to find the closest dog park?  In regard to that last question all of our tour guides can help.  We know the location of dog parks of the stars throughout the area because our company and our tours are dog-friendly.  In fact, we are dog welcoming.  We love pooches aboard and showing families the best dog parks and puppy runs all through Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  We even write often about dogs on our blog.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 10 February 2015

Just Food for Dogs – A Private Tour Stop for Our Dog Guests

Fresh prepared nutritious meals for dogs in Los Angeles

All Dogs Get Special Treatment on Our Private Tour

We are a Los Angeles tour company that specializes in custom luxury tours for the entire family and that includes the family dogs.  We welcome our four-footed friends aboard our vehicles at any time and have special destinations in mind whenever a fuzzy guest joins us on a private Los Angeles tour.  Celebrity dog parks, houses of dog movie stars, even Beverly Hills fire hydrants are going to be a part of the tour.  One “must see” destination is Just Food For Dogs, a kitchen and bakery whose sole purpose is to provide dog owners with a natural and healthy choice for food for their pets.  There are four stores for us lucky enough to live in the Los Angeles area so we can shop for our pups.  The stores also offer delivery and shipping for anyone unable to get to a store.  All the food is carefully prepared from wholesome ingredients in accordance with the best veterinary science and nutrition data to guide the cooking and baking.  Custom orders for dogs with special dietary needs are available.  Come to Los Angeles, bring your dog, and join us for a wonderful sightseeing adventure through Hollywood and the rest of the city including a stop at Just Food For Dogs.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 7 October 2014

Our Tour Vehicles All Carry One

All the things you need for first-aid for your dog in a single kit

First-Aid for Dogs Is As Important as

First-Aid for People on Our Private Tour

We have very large special vehicles for our private Los Angeles tour and we make use of all that space.  Much goes to drinks, snacks, videos, photo books, special tour items and aromatherapy towels for our guests.  Of course, we have vehicle detailing supplies and tools for those unfortunate mishaps that occur from time to time.  But we also maintain our first-aid kits.  One for people, of course, and one for dogs.  Why dogs?  Because we are the only tour company in Los Angeles that offers special K-9 tours of our city.  We welcome people’s puppies along for the ride as we explore the great sights and destinations of Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  When we have dogs along then we also visit celebrity dog parks and fire hydrants of the rich and famous.  We get our Dog On-the-Go First-Aid Kit from Denise Fleck at  Denise is an expert in pet first-aid, teaching first responders and pet owners how to save animals in distress.  She developed first-aid kits for pets to fill a need she saw going unserved.  Visit her website to learn more about Denise and pet first-aid and to order your own emergency kit.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 September 2014

Chateau Marmutt Is a Fun Place for a Visiting Dog

The best of doggie day car at Chateau Marmutt

After a Doggie Los Angeles Tour This is

Where Your Pet Can Play

We have a well-deserved reputation as a luxury private tour service for visitors in Los Angeles.  What also makes our service the best is that we welcome dogs on our private Los Angeles tour, what we call our K-9 Tour.  We visit the usual sights and destinations of Hollywood (including the Chateau Marmont) and also make it a point to travel to locations that dogs will especially like….celebrity dog parks, hiking trails, public gardens.  We even keep track of the best restaurants that welcome dogs.  We love dogs, can’t you tell?  And when our guests ask about doggy day care services while they are visiting we are happy to recommend Chateau Marmutt, near Hollywood.  Day care, training, grooming, overnight stays, Chateau Marmutt offers everything a dog owner needs who looks for caring and professional service for their pet.  They even have pick-up and drop-off car service and offer field trips for pooches around Los Angeles.

A happy day at Chateau Marmutt

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 15 September 2014

Enjoying a Top Down Cruise in Beverly Hills

Pampered pooch rides in Porsche

Here’s Looking at You, Private Tour People

This cool dog thinks his Porsche is swankier than our private Los Angeles tour vehicle as we ride through Beverly Hills on a recent Sunday afternoon.  Maybe he’s right.  He’s got a convertible.  But we seat six passengers in well-appointed luxury.  He goes faster but we maintain the speed limit.  We are both having a good time.  We have that in common.  It’s a nice day to drive around and look at the fancy gardens and the celebrity homes.  Maybe he’ll follow us into Hollywood to see Lassie’s and Rin-Tin-Tin’s stars on the Walk of Fame.  Why doesn’t Benji have a star?  Air Bud?  Asta?  Moose (played Eddie Crane on Frasier)?

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 8 April 2014

Beautiful Dogs Work Here at LAX

Our Los Angeles tour guests are safe at LAX with Kira on duty

Always Safe for a Los Angeles Tour Pickup at LAX

Working dogs are very present throughout Los Angeles.  The first place our private Los Angeles tour guests will encounter them is at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).  Here we recently met Kira, a Belgian Malinois that posed so perfectly for us we knew she must be thinking of a Hollywood movie career when she retires from the Los Angeles Police Department.  K9 units can be seen everywhere not to mention the number of companion and guide dogs that populate our busy city.  We, too, welcome dogs aboard our tours and even have a special K9 Los Angeles tour designed just for families wanting to bring their furry friends along to see Los Angeles (we even keep doggie treats in our snack basket).

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 11 December 2013

Puppies Love Los Angeles Christmas

Puppies in a Christmas setting

Winter Weather is Fine for an Outdoor Christmas Tour in Los Angeles

The Americana at Brand in Glendale, just north of downtown Los Angeles, is lit up and ready for the holidays.  Adults love the shopping, children love the lights and Santa Claus, and the puppies love the loving spirit and excitement on a pleasant evening walk through this fashionable town square and mall.  While it might be difficult to imagine even more lights in the evening than we usually show our private tour guests in and around Hollywood it is true, there is so much light the full moon pales in comparison.  Stores, business, neighborhoods even buildings and monuments are alit in holiday colors and decorated beyond description.  All this and no snow, not even really cold temperatures makes Los Angeles a perfect Christmas destination.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 5 December 2013

Water Park for Our Doggie Guests

Paradise Ranch Water Park is for dogs

How to Cool the Puppies Off After a Hot Private Tour

In an increasingly pet friendly world of hotels and restaurants, especially here in Los Angeles, we are doing more and more private K9 tours of the southland.  That means visiting the best celebrity dog parks – ever.  We also show their masters around Hollywood and Beverly Hills to human-friendly sights and destinations.  Our guests (hirsute or otherwise) always have a great time and this is truly a valuable way to enjoy a visit to Los Angeles with your pet along for the ride.  But what else is there to do with your four-footed family member?  Our dog-loving guides all recommend Paradise Ranch Pet Resort, a spa and water park (hotel and restaurant) just for dogs.  Big or small, outgoing or shy, loud or quiet, it doesn’t matter to them because fun and frolic is the name of the game.  It is a hop-skip-and-a-bark away from all the studios and glamor of Hollywood.  Sharing our philosophy of cage-free boarding for dogs, Kristyn Goddard and Brian Kneier, the owners, treat all the animals with great love and respect.  Take the kids to Raging Waters or Magic Mountain and take the dog to Paradise Ranch Pet Resort.

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