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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 2 May 2016

Herd of Dogs in Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills dog walker managing a herd and his smartphone

Buckle Up Pups and Let’s Tour Beverly Hills

Here is another interesting sight as our private Los Angeles tour guests compare their home city with Beverly Hills.  This professional dog walker impresses us with his management style.  His herd of carefree canines seem comfortable leashed to his belt as he, what, checks his next appointment?  Tries to remember each animal’s name and where they live?  Looks on Google Maps to find the closest dog park?  In regard to that last question all of our tour guides can help.  We know the location of dog parks of the stars throughout the area because our company and our tours are dog-friendly.  In fact, we are dog welcoming.  We love pooches aboard and showing families the best dog parks and puppy runs all through Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  We even write often about dogs on our blog.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 20 July 2013

Peace Puppy Greets Our Private Venice Tour

Photo of dog in store on Venice Beach boardwalk

We Photograph Dogs on Our Private Tours

The mile-and-a-half Venice Beach boardwalk can take a very long time to walk as we so often stop to buy souvenirs, snacks and drinks.  We also stop to photograph the odd and interesting things we see along the way — places, people and animals.  We know this photo will go viral because so many dog lovers follow our writings.  Must be because we love dogs so much we have a special Canine (“K9”) Tour just for visitors traveling with their pooches.  We notice the dogs everywhere we go and get many adorable photos of our Los Angeles furry friends.  Type “dog” in the search window and see how many times we have posted cute pictures of dogs we’ve seen on our private luxury tours around Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 6 June 2013

Dog Kisses at LAX before Your Los Angeles Tour

Pet a Pup at LAX to Relax

Photograph of the Pets Unstressing Passengers crew at LAX If you arrive at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and are greeted by red vested dogs in the terminal feel free to kneel down for a welcome lick and pet the pooch as much as you want.  This is not a security measure.  Pets Unstressing Passengers (PUP) is the name of the program instituted at LAX that has teams of dogs and trainers roaming the terminals and providing harried passengers a chance to unwind and take a deep breath when they pet these wonderful animals.  The program began at LAX in April and the airport authority is so pleased with the results that plans to expand the program are underway.  Right now they have 30 perfect puppies sniffing and panting and doing that thing dogs do to make everyone smile.

Photo of puppies in training at LAXWe usually meet our private Los Angeles tour guests outside the terminal to show them around Los Angeles before dropping them off at their hotel or back at the airport if they are only touring while on a flight layover.  Perhaps we will start meeting our guests in the terminal so we, who are all so dedicated to dogs, can meet the PUPs.  By the way, we happily invite our guests to bring their dogs along on our private custom canine tour.  We know the best celebrity dog parks in Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills and will stock our vehicle with dog treats as well as people treats.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:30 30 September 2012

Pet-Friendly Are Us!

Photo of Janine Franceschi and her dog Beau of PAWPAW (Pet-Friendly Accommodations Worldwide), started through the efforts of Janine Franceschi (and her Irish Setter, Beau) and provides a curated list of high quality hotels and services around the world that will happily host you and your canine best friend.  Visit the website to research and plan your journeys and activities, even book your hotel.  Janine and Beau are both experienced travelers and Janine is quite familiar with the luxury real estate market so she immediately saw a need for centralized information about luxury hotels with welcoming pet policies.

We at Elite Adventure Tours are knowledgeable about pet-friendly hotels in the Los Angeles area.  After all, we have a special canine tour that is a private, luxury and custom tour that shows our guests and their dogs around Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills with special attention to places to walk their pets (celebrity dog parks, anyone?) and take fun and fantastic photos.  We highly recommend that discerning travelers who want to take their dogs on vacation visit the PAW website right away (bookmark it as we have) and find the perfect hotels for their journey.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:09 3 September 2012

PT Cruiser Cruising Dog Poet

Photo of dog in convertible

A dog and his man and his red PT Cruiser and his googles and the road and Los Angeles and the wind in his mouth and the smell of food everywhere and fancy dogs on fancy leashes with fancy collars walking on dog smelling sidewalks in Beverly Hills and hotels for dogs and dogs with their masters at restaurants and Hollywood Hills movie stars’ dog parks and luxury private tours for visiting dogs and their families and the beach and soft wet cool sand under his paws and sea birds teasing him peeping into flight even as the waves chase him and the ball he chases in a Malibu field on the bluff and cool water from a fountain and happiness is a dog in Los Angeles.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:42 19 June 2012

Welcome to L.A.

Photo of cute woman on scooter with Pomeranian in her backpack

We here in Los Angeles are a motoring community as the world knows but we do not all motor in the same way.  This attractive woman rides a scooter and scoots with her pet Pomeranian secured in her backpack.  We, thankfully, get a very big smile as we drive by in a big black luxury conversion van with all the amenities designed for our private custom tour guests and, of course, our trusty high end digital camera pointed right at her.  What can I say, we like to get action photos of all the noteworthy sights on our tours.

I wonder if she knows we have special tours for families with dogs.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:50 25 May 2012

Beverly Hills Goes to the Dogs

Beverly Hills dog walker

Herd of dogs?  Sure, we’ve heard of dogs but in all our private luxury tours here in Beverly Hills we have not seen this many dogs being walked at the same time.  And large dogs, too.  They should get a sleigh for the dogs to pull or at least a Mercedes.

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