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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 31 August 2015

Ride the Trolley at The Grove on an L.A. Tour

This double decker troller car gets us around The Grove in Hollywood

Our Private Los Angeles Tour Guests Enjoy

the Trolley at The Grove

We have really nice luxury SUVs for our fleet vehicles with access to custom-appointed Sprinters for large family tours.  Our helicopters are all first class aircraft.  We Segway with the latest models.  Maybe our horseback tours are not on Arabian steeds but our animals are all very sweet and well cared for.  And then there is the trolley at The Grove in Hollywood.  This utterly amazing outdoor shopping mall and residential village incorporates an electric trolley to transport shoppers, residents and entertainment seekers around the plaza.  We love riding around with our luxury tour guests looking into the store windows and at those dining outdoors at the fine restaurants.  When we have packages from impromptu stops for necessary or maybe just extra shopping on a Los Angeles visit then the trolley makes getting from one part of the mall to the other extra pleasant.  The Grove is an idyllic American village with a distinctly 21st century feel, a combination of old community aesthetics with contemporary retail, dining and entertainment.  Also, the trolley stops at another favorite custom tour destination in Hollywood, the Original Farmers Market.  From designer jeans to fresh fruit, from French onion soup to a selection of California nuts, The Grove and the Farmers Market are fun places to visit when in Los Angeles.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 24 August 2015

A Store on Our L.A. Tour that is Too Hot for Sissies

A shelf of super hot sauces at Light My Fire at The Original Farmers Market in Hollywood

Our Private Tour Sizzles at the

Original Farmers Market

Their Heat Scale runs from 1-10++ and every product is heat rated and placed on a shelf.  That way our private Los Angeles tour guests deciding to take home some hot sauce can know what they are getting into.  Be forewarned those of you from milder climes and subtle cuisines – this stuff is atomic.  Even the “1” rating is too much for some.  In fact, we often treat our guests to hot papaya gum balls, a child’s confection, to chew as we leave the store and our brave guests will begin to redden and perspire and request that our next stop after leaving LIGHT MY FIRE at the Original Farmers Market in Hollywood is the soda fountain for a milkshake….an emergency chocolate malted (yes, the milk cools the flames).  Also, keep in mind that these sauces from all around the world often entreat attention with their saucy names.  We won’t go into detail on this G-rated blog but suffice it to say that our younger guests would be better off perusing the sticker and decal store next door while their parents chuckle their way through the shelves of red hot condiments.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 20 June 2014

There’s Always Time for the Farmers Market

The famous Farmers Market clock tower in Hollywood decked out for Flag Day

A Special Private Tour Rendezvous Location

We often arrange for a private Los Angeles tour with guests driving into Los Angeles so we like to have rendezvous destinations in mind that suit their needs.  Our most frequently requested meeting spot is at the Farmers Market and Grove.  Easy to find, central location for most of our tour routes, lots of parking and, well, all the attractions and fun offered by this gigantic shopping, eating and entertainment complex so close to Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  While we don’t utter the age old refrain “Meet me at Third and Fairfax” to our visitors we do say look for the tall Farmers Market clock tower, a familiar sight to Los Angelenos since 1948.  If we meet at the clock tower then the tour can begin in the historic market where snacks and souvenirs are available as well as the sight of Price is Right contestants (from CBS Television City next door to the market) with their funny hats and signs.  The sweet smells of fresh produce is so enticing as well as the wafting aromas from the many foodstands.  Summer means free live music Thursdays through Saturdays at the market and makes this a perfect  place to say goodbye to our guests after a tour that finishes late in the afternoon or early in the evening.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 14 February 2014

Jabberwocky with Eyes of Flame

The fine folks at Jabberwocky Foods at the Hollywood Farmers Market

A Favorite Sunday Morning Los Angeles Tour Stop.

We have found some delightful secrets at the Sunday morning Hollywood Farmers Market (Ivar and Selma between Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards).  Our most recent discovery is Jabberwocky Foods, Inc., in Spice Alley, home of Jabberwocky Smooth Jerk Jamaican Sauce.  We have plenty of room on our private Los Angeles tour vans to stockpile this great Jabberwocky delicacy and any other purchases from the Hollywood Farmers Market.

We know it is Valentine’s Day today and we also know how “hot” that can be.  Why not spice it up another notch with some of Susann Edmonds‘ (pictured on left) own jerk sauce and marinade recipe.  Made 100% with love which means it can be Valentine’s Day every day.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 September 2013

Exceptional Desserts by Marybeth in Hollywood

Photo of Marybeth Menaker and her Hollywood Farmers Market stand

Hollywood Farmers’ Market Has Exceptional Desserts for Our Private Tour

Our private Los Angeles tour guests are always curious about the Hollywood Farmers’ Market as we show them through Hollywood on Sunday mornings.  Why is there such a large crowd south of Hollywood Boulevard around Ivar Avenue?  Well, for more than 20 years (they were one of the first urban produce markets of this kind) Los Angeles has enjoyed fresh farm produce, crafts and artisan cooked and baked goods available in this central Hollywood location.  Today there are over 160 stands situated along the blocked off streets.  One of our favorites is Exceptional Desserts by Marybeth.  Baking from natural ingredients (including vegan and gluten-free choices) her tangy lemon crunch bars are to-die for and the chocolate chip cookies mouth-watering.  So good that Marybeth is now bringing her fine desserts to the cast of the new sitcom Surviving Jack.  You don’t have to be a television actor to enjoy these treats.  If you are out on a private custom luxury tour of Los Angeles with us on a Sunday morning each of our guides will suggest stopping at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market.  Take them up on it!  We’ll get the coffee for you.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 29 August 2013

Got Gas? – Visit the Original Farmers Market in Hollywood

Getting Gas on a Private Hollywood Tour

Photo of Gilmore gas station at Farmers MarketThis restored Gilmore gas station is a step back into time, a much simpler time, when the Gilmore company owned all the property around what is today the Grove and The Original Farmers Market.  Pumping oil from the vast reservoir beneath Los Angeles and Hollywood filled their coffers and this was the look of their gas stations spread throughout the southland and along Route 66.  The gas pumps dinged as you watched the fuel flow into your vehicle’s tank, a spinner spun and the numbers rolled showing how much you owed the gentleman who actually did the pumping for you while he checked your oil and cleaned your windshield.

Locally produced gasoline was cheapThe petroleum fields are gone now, as is the football stadium and race track, but the Grove and the Original Farmers Market are just as much fun to visit and enjoy.  There is great dining in fine restaurants at the Grove and nearby or we can grab a quick meal with our private luxury tour guests at the international food stands populating the market.  Then off we go to Beverly Hills to examine celebrity homes and maybe a trip to the beach to walk in the sand and reminisce about Baywatch.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:27 10 October 2012

Shortcake for Baked Desserts at the Farmers Market

Photo of the counter at Shortcake in the Original Farmers Market in HollywoodThe beauty of our private custom tour around Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills is that we can stop anywhere, any time and for any reason.  When our luxury tour guests visiting Hollywood mention that they would like to enjoy a quality cup of coffee with a fine baked treat we regularly suggest Shortcake at the Original Farmers Market.  This amazing open air bakery is not only a fun place to enjoy a treat but the treats themselves are amazing.  Amy Pressman, a highly respected baker with a Wolfgang Puck/Spago pedigree and success in a number of businesses in Los Angeles and Pasadena, has, with her friend Nancy Silverton, created a destination within a destination.  Our guests truly enjoy any reason to explore the Original Farmers Market with its myriad food stands, mouthwatering produce stands and great souvenir businesses but to be able to get a cup of fresh-brewed coffee with delicious baked good while watching the ebb and flow of Hollywood life — well, that sometimes makes us feel this is a tour highlight.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:15 15 July 2012

Meet Me at 3rd and Fairfax

Photo of apples at the Hollywood Farmers MarketFresh fruit and nuts in an outdoor market setting, in Hollywood, every day — that’s the original Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax in Los Angeles.  This is one of the best places to stop on our private custom luxury tours of Hollywood and Beverly Hills for our Los Angeles guests who we want to have an enjoyable pit stop and place to pick up a quick meal or snack.  Even better, a healthy snack.  Fresh fruit, nuts, confections and a wide assortment of food stands comprise the market.  We like to make use of the valet parking at The Grove which is right next to the Farmers Market and just a short walk (or trolley ride) over to the market.Photo of nuts and treats at the original Farmers Market in Hollywood

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LA Adventure Specialist - 2:56 4 March 2011

Photo: Historic Farmer’s Market LA

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LA Adventure Specialist - 1:46 15 February 2011

Historic Farmers Market

Los Angeles is home to a widely renowned farmer’s market, much to visitors’ constant surprise. The Farmers Market opened in July 1934 when a dozen nearby farmers would sell their produce off the back of their trucks. At that time, Los Angeles wasn’t the sprawling metropolis it is today; in fact, where the farmer’s parked was a field.

When CBS Television City opened next door in 1952, the Farmers Market was a popular stop for studio employees to shop and eat. Celebrities like Mickey Rooney, Regis Philbin, Mae West, and Johnny Carson frequented The Country Kitchen, a restaurant from the 1970s. A major renovation was conducted to expand the Farmers Market during the 1990s. Today, the market features more than 100 restaurants, grocers, and tourist shops. On Los Angeles van tours, visitors are taken to lunch at the historic market which gives them insight to the city’s heart and history.

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