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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 28 September 2016

Pink’s – Always a Star in Hollywood

Pink's Hot Dogs in Hollywood plays itself in a television show

Our Private Tour Watches Filming at Pink’s

Instead of stopping for one of the world famous hot dogs at Pink’s in Hollywood as we so often do we get to stop to watch Hollywood in action as a film crew has taken over the landmark food stand for some authentic location shooting for a movie or television show.  Trucks, trailers, generators, cables, police, the squawking of radios, bright lights, dolly tracks, camera and crew… what looks like a madhouse to the untrained eye is really an army of skilled workers quickly and effectively setting up to film possibly only part of a page of script.  When “action” is called it is all worth the effort as the actors inhabit their characters and propel the story forward.  In the meantime the guide on this private tour of Los Angeles is thinking about other great places to stop for lunch today.  Thankfully there are many extraordinary restaurants, cafés, food trucks and stands that are unique to Los Angeles that can make our custom sightseeing tour even more memorable.  From Hollywood to Beverly Hills to Malibu we know how to please our guests when they get hungry and need to refresh for even more exciting exploration of our great Southern California city.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 20 October 2015

Back to the Future in Los Angeles

Waving Back to the Future at Universal Studios for our private Los Angeles tour

Back to the Future Day is Tomorrow for

Every Private Tour We Do

After 30 years the Back to the Future trilogy still attracts loving fans to the time travel adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown.  For many years there was the Back to the Future ride at Universal Studios Hollywood to remind and enthrall visitors, including our own private Los Angeles tour guests, of the fun and energy of the movies.  The ride is now gone, replaced by the Simpsons Ride, but there are still memories all around the studio and City Walk that our guides like to talk about….memories like City Hall (above) where our fun friends from down under posed while searching for the lightning rod in the clock tower and checking the weather (we very seldom get lightning in Los Angeles).  Tomorrow is Back to the Future Day where movie theaters and other venues will be presenting the entire trilogy for fans.  In Hollywood we will point out two incredible movie palaces, the Cinerama Dome and Grauman’s Chinese Theater, where our guests can go see all three films at one time.  For real die hard fans we will explain that a nearby community, Puente Hills, has the mall where the parking lot proved a perfect time portal runway for Doc’s DeLorean time machine.  The mall’s 20-screen AMC theater will show the movies and there are other activities planned throughout the week for nostalgia seekers to relive the joy of Back to the Future.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 2 October 2014

Mike’s Murder and Carpe Diem, Mañana

Film location and home to writers in Santa Monica

A Private Tour to Mike’s Murder in Santa Monica

Visitors to Los Angeles seek all kinds of sights and destinations that are important to them.  Certain celebrities and their homes and hangouts are quite often subjects for our custom private tours of Los Angeles.  Film locations always come up, too.  What a surprise when we had guests asking about a 30 year old film and wanting to see the neighborhood where it was filmed and we discover that it is now occupied by writers whose books we have enjoyed recently.  Mike’s Murder was filmed in 1984 in this Santa Monica house just up from the beach.  Debra Winger fans will remember the film.  Our guests were impressed to learn that the new book of humorous and thoughtful musings about life by Paul Lyons, Carpe Diem, Mañana, was written here.  Also, Hank Rosenfeld resides here and wrote The Wicked Wit of the West, a funny as-told-to-memoir of Marx Brothers screenwriter Irving Brecher.  A great location full of great talent.  That’s Los Angeles for you.

Paul Lyons' funny and enlightening look at lifeEnjoy the funny accounts of Hollywood and Irving Brecher

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 February 2014

Modern Family Los Angeles Tour

A visit to a Modern Family house location

Our Private Tour Guests Visit Favorite Show Locations in Los Angeles.

It is not at all unusual for our guests to board our custom black luxury vehicle with a list in hand of all the places they wish to go.  This modern family was principally interested in locations where Modern Family is filmed.  Above is the house used as Jay and Gloria’s home.  We also stopped for photos at Mitchell and Cameron’s house and Claire and Phil’s house.  Amongst the other stops on this private Los Angeles and Hollywood tour were locations used for Entourage and Grey’s Anatomy.  Our guides, film and television buffs themselves, keep track of these locations for just such occasions as a special list in the hands of our tour guests.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 5 February 2013

They Loaded up the Truck and They Moved to Beverly

Old black & white photo from Beverly HillbilliesNot everyone remembers watching the Beverly Hillbillies on television but curious younger folks are finding the show on high number cable stations and, naturally, on the internet.  Here in Los Angeles we will even bring our private Los Angeles tour guests to the Paley Center for Media so they can dig up and watch an old episode of the show.

Photo of our van on Beverly DriveWe have fun on our custom tours of Hollywood and Beverly Hills visiting celebrity homes and sightseeing around well known film locations.  The road where this photo was taken is part of our every day route through Beverly Hills.  Upon seeing the palm tree lined drive and the wide roadway and with very little reminding from us our guests generally start humming the Beverly Hillbillies theme song.  Here is our custom van Lana parked where the Beverly Hillbillies photo was taken.

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