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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 28 September 2016

Pink’s – Always a Star in Hollywood

Pink's Hot Dogs in Hollywood plays itself in a television show

Our Private Tour Watches Filming at Pink’s

Instead of stopping for one of the world famous hot dogs at Pink’s in Hollywood as we so often do we get to stop to watch Hollywood in action as a film crew has taken over the landmark food stand for some authentic location shooting for a movie or television show.  Trucks, trailers, generators, cables, police, the squawking of radios, bright lights, dolly tracks, camera and crew… what looks like a madhouse to the untrained eye is really an army of skilled workers quickly and effectively setting up to film possibly only part of a page of script.  When “action” is called it is all worth the effort as the actors inhabit their characters and propel the story forward.  In the meantime the guide on this private tour of Los Angeles is thinking about other great places to stop for lunch today.  Thankfully there are many extraordinary restaurants, cafés, food trucks and stands that are unique to Los Angeles that can make our custom sightseeing tour even more memorable.  From Hollywood to Beverly Hills to Malibu we know how to please our guests when they get hungry and need to refresh for even more exciting exploration of our great Southern California city.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 27 March 2014

The Pink Palace for a Film Location

Our Los Angeles Tour Guests See Film Being Made

Beverly Hills Hotel as a film setComing up along the Beverly Hills Hotel, locally known as the Pink Palace, we were able to stop and show our guests a film shoot in action.  We in Los Angeles are very used to seeing this but to our Los Angeles tour guests seeing a movie, tv show or commercial being made in real life is an exciting treat.  The vintage automobiles suggest a period piece and since the hotel has been there since 1912 Hollywood production companies have a number of historic periods they can shoot at this luxury hotel.  Palm trees, blue skies, pink-painted stucco all set the place for whatever date the filmmakers require.  The Beverly Hills Hotel is a popular filming locationThis is a beautiful part of Beverly Hills with its wide streets and verdant lawns and so many former and current celebrity homes to point out and photograph with our guests.  We will even suggest stopping for lunch at the hotel’s famous Polo Lounge to hobnob with the stars over a McCarthy Cobb Salad.

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